On the Police Logs 11.09.17

East Hampton 

The manager of the trailer park on Oakiew Highway, Brenden Edwards, summoned police on Nov. 1. At some point during the previous weekend, he told them, someone had entered the office, though nothing was missing. He filled out a trespassing affidavit. 

East Hampton Village

An officer patrolling the vicinity of Herrick Park on Halloween evening spotted a youth lighting a firecracker. Questioned, the juvenile admitted having four others. They were confiscated, and the youth’s mother was called. 

A Patchogue man driving a garbage truck for National Waste Service, Michael Morana, was ticketed a little after 5 a.m. on Oct. 30 after picking up garbage at the new C.V.S. store on Montauk Highway. Garbage pickups are prohibited in the village before 7 a.m. Another driver for the same company, Robert Alpi of North Babylon, was cited for a similar violation on Nov. 1 in front of a Laforest Lane residence. In that case, the driver was exchanging an empty Dumpster for a full one. 

An 83-year-old Huntting Lane resident with a history of brandishing objects such as rakes while chasing passers-by away from his property, waved a piece of aluminum siding at a landscaper on Nov. 1 who was blowing leaves from a neighboring property onto the village right of way. Police calmed the brandisher down, explaining that the right of way is not part of his property and that the landscape worker planned to pick up the leaves from the right of way.

A caller who was not named called police on the afternoon of Oct. 30, saying a lewd act was taking place in the Main Beach parking lot. The investigating officer reported that the persons were friends and just talking. 

A 14-year-old leaving the Y.M.C.A. East Hampton Recenter on Gingerbread Lane on Oct. 30 reported that his bike was gone from the rack outside the building. It was soon found in nearby woods. The youth believes someone may have moved it as a prank.

A Manhattan man, who had parked his 2013 Porsche on the side of Pantigo Road last week with a large sign advertising the vehicle for sale, was warned that such signs are prohibited by the village code.

Police found shaving cream graffiti, including a swastika, in the middle of the road on Pleasant and Newtown Lanes the morning after Halloween. The graffiti was removed by the Department of Public Works.


The general manager of the Star Island Yacht Club, Ben Mahler, called police a little after noon Oct. 30 to report a man asleep in the area of an enclosed deck at the Star Island Grill. The unwelcome guest was known to Mr. Mahler from previous incidents but he declined to press charges, provided the sleeper did not return. He told police he understood and left the property.

Jorge Kusanovic of the East Hampton Town Recreation Department called police to the skate park on Essex Street on Saturday morning after discovering graffiti on the asphalt. He estimated the repair would cost $150. 

Northwest Woods 

Police were called to a secluded house on Ely Brook-to-Hand’s Creek Road Saturday morning, where Matt Gomillon told them that at some point over the previous few days someone had made off with a large green metal lampshade that was in the backyard. He valued the missing shade at $300. 

Sag Harbor

A caller alerted police to a group of youths hurling eggs at houses along Division Street on Halloween Night. They had vanished when police arrived. 

Alex Kriegsman reported last Thursday afternoon that the picket fence in front of a Main Street building had been damaged by a construction crew working next door. The architect of the project, who was on hand, agreed to repair the fence and no charges were pressed. 

Police were called to a Harbor Avenue house Saturday evening. Angelica Morrow told police she had been out from about 1 p.m. to about 7, only to find several items either damaged or stolen on her return. The damaged property was not itemized in the report, while the stolen items were valued at $1,550. In addition, an iPad valued at $500, which belonged to Cecily Braden, who was staying at the house, was missing. Ms. Morrow thought a former roommate might be responsible. Police are investigating­. 


The license plate on a boat trailer tied to a tree on Boat Yard Road was stolen some time between Oct. 21 and Saturday, Colette Clancy reported.