On the Police Logs 12.07.17

East Hampton

A bottle of prescription medicine disappeared from an Osborne Lane house at some point on Nov. 21. Nothing else was stolen. Adam Umbach told police he was reporting the theft in order to document it, so that he could replace the missing drug. Police spoke with his roommate, Ellen Krass, who said she had been in and out of the house all day and had not noticed anything suspicious. Police then spoke with the house manager, Dee Renos, who told them that she had not sent any handymen or workers to the house that day. Ms. Renos also expressed concern to the officer that an additional roommate was apparently living in the residence, without having consulted her as manager.

Police were called to a Cooper Lane residence last Thursday afternoon. David Gresham told them that earlier that day, while some landscapers were working on his property, he had noticed a Honda Odyssey van passing slowly back and forth in front of it. The van eventually stopped, the driver got out and approached the landscaping crew, walking right through a bed of flowers. The driver, according to the police report, was selling socks. Mr. Gresham confronted the man, who left. Mr. Gresham told police he did not believe the trespasser would return, but did want the situation documented. Police checked the area, but did not find the van.

A 2004 Mini Cooper parked in front of a Boatheaders Lane North house was vandalized during the day Friday. The vehicle had extensive damage to the front end, back window, and exterior and interior, the police reported. The owner, identified as a Mr. Santiago-Marmolis, told police he was in the process of transferring ownership of the car to an East Hampton man, Joshua Dempsey. Police are investigating, and apparently have a suspect in mind. 

East Hampton Village

A woman told police that she had seen two suspicious packages on Newtown Lane near Herrick Park on the evening of Nov. 27. Police investigating found two gym bags there, and connected them with a soccer game being played in the park. “Said bags were not suspicious,” the report concluded.

On the evening of Nov. 28 someone phoned the police to complain that the construction crew working at the notorious “five corners” intersection on Route 114 near Toilsome Lane had knocked off for the day, leaving both the northbound and southbound lanes to merge into a single lane, “which could potentially cause a head-on collision,” as the police report put it. Two officers “used cones to create a safer traffic pattern until work resumes in the morning,” they said.

Police were called to a Race Lane property last Thursday evening, where it appeared that someone had tried to pry open the doors. Nothing was reported stolen. The owner of the commercial building said she would have the locks changed. 

The owner of a Newtown Lane house called the police for help on Friday, saying that a troubled man who lives on nearby Stratton Square had been banging on his door for 20 minutes. The owner said he just wanted the man, who has been arrested several times in recent years, to leave and never return. The man was warned that if he did return, he would be arrested on a trespassing charge. He agreed to leave. 

Police found a 2010 Ford Econoline van parked on the grassy right of way belonging to the village on David’s Lane. The vehicle had damaged several areas of grass while parking, the report said. An officer wrote a summons to the operator of the van, Enrique Cujilima-Asoma, who holds a Washington State driver’s license, for damaging village property. He was told to move the van, which he did. 


Sag Harbor

An officer sent to investigate a report of a sick raccoon on Prospect Avenue was prepared to destroy the animal if it appeared rabid. However, the raccoon was not sick, the officer said, and it scampered away.

A thief rummaged through an unlocked car parked in a lot off Main Street, stealing several items, including Alexis Livingston’s purse, which had $60 in it. The items were eventually recovered; the money was not.

Two Christmas wreaths decorating the exterior of the Sag Harbor Florist and Gift Shop on Bay Street were reported stolen Saturday. Rebecca Jens told police they were valued at $50. She also said this was not the first holiday season that thievery of wreaths had occurred outside the store.



A Church Lane man told police on Nov. 16 that he had been the victim of fraud earlier this year. A series of purchases using Frederick Notel’s credit card information had been made in two stores, one in West Palm Beach, Fla., the other in Wilkesboro, N.C., totaling $4,675. 

A woman who works at a Boat Yard Road business, Lauren Walsh, told police she had purchased a painting in partnership with a man 10 years ago. The man came to her business and got into an argument with her, using abusive, sexist language. Ms. Walsh did not want to press charges, but wanted the man not to contact her anymore. Police spoke with the man, who said he was no longer interested in the painting, and would stay away from Ms. Walsh.