Struck on Head in Northwest

Joseph S. Tuttle was arraigned in East Hampton Town Justice Court on Nov. 29 on a felony assault charge after police said he attacked a man in Northwest Woods with a pipe or a piece of concrete. T.E. McMorrow

An Eastport man has been charged by the East Hampton Town police with assaulting and attempting to rob a Northwest Woods man on the night of Nov. 7.

According to the police, Joseph Tuttle, 21, got in contact with the alleged victim, Daniel Farash, through a third party prior to the incident, and the two men arranged to meet at Mr. Farash’s residence. 

Mr. Tuttle drove to the house, parked about 20 feet from Mr. Farash’s driveway, and wrapped a shirt around his face, police said. Mr. Farash exited his house carrying a flashlight and walked down the driveway in the dark toward Mr. Tuttle when he noticed an object in Mr. Tuttle’s right hand. Mr. Tuttle then allegedly identified himself as a police officer and demanded money. 

Mr. Farash turned and tried to run back up the driveway when he was struck in the back of the head. He fell to the ground, then got back up. According to the police, Mr. Tuttle ran back to the car and sped away.

Mr. Farash got into his own vehicle and tried to follow the car, but told police it was too far away to catch. He reached back and touched his head. That was when he realized how badly he was bleeding, and dialed 911. Police spoke to Mr. Farash before he was taken to the hospital. He needed staples to close the wound on his head.

Police have not recovered the weapon, but believe Mr. Farash was struck with a pipe or possibly a piece of concrete.

In contacting Mr. Farash, Mr. Tuttle allegedly used a cellphone belonging to his grandparents, with whom he lives, which helped police locate him. On Nov. 28, he was questioned by an East Hampton Town detective at Riverhead Town police headquarters, and was subsequently placed under arrest.

Bail was set at East Hampton Town Justice Court the next morning at $10,000, after an order of protection was issued for Mr. Farash. 

Mr. Tuttle’s grandparents presented a credit card at the clerk’s window in the courthouse after his arraignment, and he was released, with a future date on East Hampton Town Justice Court’s criminal calendar.