On the Police Logs 04.20.17


Karen Kiehl returned to her Miankoma Lane residence last Thursday after an absence to find that the porch windows had been knocked in; one was broken. There have been previous incidents of criminal mischief on the property, she told police.

East Hampton Village

A Springs woman called police on April 10, telling them she had listed several items on Offerup.com, an online yard sale of sorts that focuses on local transactions. Someone offered $400 for her items, but the check she received in the mail was for $3,150. Suspicious, she went to her bank, JPMorgan Chase on Main Street, and was warned that a scam might be afoot, and she should not deposit the check. The buyer then called and asked why she had not deposited it. She told him to send a new one for the amount agreed upon. She called police because she wanted the incident documented.

A Holbrook man was issued a summons for littering on April 10, near the train station on Railroad Avenue. Police said John Zatorski threw a lit cigarette to the ground, stepped on it, and walked away.


Egg-tossing vandals hit a Kettle Hole Road residence on the night of March 25. Jack Botero was already cleaning up the mess when police arrived. The eggs hit his mailbox, the house, a lamppost, and a vehicle protected by a car cover. The incident was a repeat of one from late last year. Police are investigating.



The license plates on a 2006 Chevrolet Malibu were stolen during the overnight hours of April 11. Police are investigating the theft of the plates from Gustavo Gomez’s car as an act of criminal mischief.

A Birdie Lane man learned he was the target of an attempted scam on April 12. Joseph Philport told police his Gmail account had been hacked, and the hacker had used it to call his investment company, asking it to transfer $60,000 to a Wells Fargo account. The firm flagged the request and notified Mr. Philport. Police advised him to contact all his financial institutions as a precaution.

Laura Mott of Berryman Street reported on April 11 that someone using a BB gun had targeted her kitchen window the night before.