On the Police Logs 05.04.17


A real estate agent called police on April 22 after receiving a series of harassing text messages from a potential client. Martha Gundersen said she had contacted the person, whose name was blacked out in the report, hoping to represent the property this summer, as she had in the past. Police are trying to contact the homeowner.

East Hampton

An 83-year-old East Hampton man told police April 21 that his handicapped parking placard had been stolen from his 2012 Cadillac sometime last month. Ralph Rojas said he was not sure when it happened, but needed to make the report in order to get a new placard.

East Hampton Village

The owner of the National Football League’s Minnesota Vikings, Zigmunt (Zigi) Wilf, and his contractor, Craig James Socia, were cited by village police on April 25 for cutting down trees and shrubbery on public property in front of Mr. Wilf’s Cross Highway estate. Code enforcement officers reported the incident, police said.

A fight in progress brought police to Sam’s Restaurant Friday night. Management had stopped a man from leaving after he tried to pay his $23 bar tab with a credit card, which was declined. After police arrived, the customer was able to contact someone who paid via card over the phone. The man was not identified because no charges were brought, but he was told never to return to Sam’s.

The report of a dog splashing in the dreen at the Nature Trail led police there at noon on Sunday, where they found a mixed American bulldog chasing the ducks. An officer lured the animal into his patrol car and called East Hampton Animal Control. Heather Miller, who picked up the dog, which was wearing a collar but no tags, said it wasn’t trying to hurt the ducks, just having fun in the water. The owner, who lives nearby, was soon located, and the dog was returned, with a warning to keep it on the leash. The owner said the bulldog had been a bit rambunctious lately.


Sasha Liebowitz Benz, a fashion stylist and creative director at the Surf Lodge, tried to order a hair care product online April 9. When she found that her PayPal debit card was not accepted at the website she was ordering from, she turned to Western Union to pay the $170 charge. The product never showed up at her Montauk Post Office box, so she went back to the website, only to find it had shut down. Western Union told her on April 23 to file a report with police, which was done.

Northwest Woods

There was a theft from a house on Van Scoy’s Path West sometime between the afternoon of April 21 and the next morning. Dorothy Meehan told police someone had entered the house and removed a sterling silver necklace with nine pearls from the kitchen table. The report also states that she told police her internet was down. Police are classifying it as a burglary.


On April 25, a Ruxton Road resident told police he had dropped off a carpet at Hamptons Rugs on Montauk Highway last July for repairs, and left a down payment of $1,000. When Paul Adams tried to retrieve his carpet in November he discovered that the business had closed. Since then, he told police, he has tried numerous times to contact the owner, whose name was withheld in the report. The incident has been classified as felony theft.