Someone Else’s Truck

East Hampton Town police released a second report this week about an April 8 party attended by under-age drinkers at a house on Oak Lane Extension in Amagansett.

It appears from the heavily redacted report that the 18-year-old who threw the party drove away from it in a 1989 Ford 250 pickup that belonged to someone else. The youth, whose name was withheld by police, apparently because he is eligible for youthful offender status, has now been charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle, a misdemeanor. He already faces two misdemeanor charges under the county’s social host law, which makes it illegal to host a gathering at which minors consume alcohol.

Zachary Suhr told police that the pickup truck belonged to Jericha Miranda. A friend later contacted Mr. Suhr to tell him he had spotted the truck in a local parking lot. It was recovered.