Domestic Disputes Alleged

Two men were arrested this past week following alleged domestic disputes, one with his wife, the other with a former acquaintance.

Alexander J. Alvarado, 36, was charged with felony criminal mischief Friday afternoon, for allegedly smashing the windows on a truck belonging to Brittany Alvarado. When police came, Ms. Alvarado reportedly told them she did not want him arrested. However, as East Hampton Town Justice Steven Tekulsky explained at his arraignment the next day, once police arrive, the question of charges is frequently out of the hands of those involved.

Ms. Alvarado stated during the proceedings that she did not want or need an order of protection of any sort. Justice Tekulsky swore her in, and she repeated her statement under oath. The two embraced afterward while she wept.

Mr. Alvarado was the reported victim of a brutal blow last summer. According to the police, Timothy Egan “cold-cocked” him, knocking him out and sending him to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with bleeding on the brain. He has been in rehabilitation since then. Mr. Egan was charged with misdemeanor assault, and is scheduled for trial later this year.

In the second case classified as domestic disturbance, police arrested Brian K. Midgett of Springs, 25, last Thursday morning, saying that he had violated a stay-away order of protection held by Meghan O’Connell. He drove by her house, police said, shouting abusive language, then attempted to “friend” her on Facebook. Charged with misdemeanor criminal contempt, Mr. Midgett was released last Thursday afternoon after posting $250 bail.