On the Police Logs 07.13.17


Officers patrolling Amagansett Main Street near the Stephen Talkhouse during the early morning hours of July 1 “overheard the sound of breaking glass,” according to an incident report. A bouncer, Stephen Day, called them over, asking for “assistance with subjects that had just been kicked out of the establishment.” Whoever it was who broke the window was not caught. It will cost the Talkhouse $200 to replace it.

East Hampton

Overnight last Thursday, someone tried to gain access to the Grant Heating and Cooling office on Route 114, breaking a deadbolt lock on a door. The attempt was unsuccessful, the company’s owner, John Grant, told police.

East Hampton Village

A Northwest Woods man who took a taxi home from the Palm on the evening of July 2 told police the next morning that the driver might have stolen his wallet. He apparently could not remember the ride to his Hand’s Creek residence, and could not identify the cabbie or the company. Without that information, police classified the wallet as “lost property,” and advised the man to cancel his credit cards.

A Miami Beach man also reported a missing wallet in recent days. He told police last Thursday morning that “he is staying at the Huntting Inn and had walked to Scoop Du Jour last night, and that was the last place he had seen the wallet.”

A report of “garbage in the roadway” sparked a police investigation on Georgica Road July 3. The trail of trash led them to 323 Georgica Road, where they interviewed the owner, Evan Ian Sopher, who said he had had a gathering the night before, and that “his cleaning crew was supposed to clean the garbage but had not showed yet,” according to the incident report. A summons for littering was issued, and the report states that Mr. Sopher “cleaned all the garbage out of the roadway.”

The owner of a 2015 Mercedes-Benz that was parked for about an hour behind Chase Bank on Main Street on July 5 returned to find his rear window smashed. The man, who splits his time between Sagaponack and Manhattan, looked through the car before having the damage repaired, and told police he did not see anything, such as a rock, that could have caused it. Nothing appears to have been stolen.

Three out-of-towners were written up on July 3 for building fires outside the metal containers mandated by village code. Stephen Lee Gaustad of Scottsdale, Ariz., was cited on Egypt Beach; later that evening, Samuel W. Friedfeld of Dix Hills was cited on Main Beach. The last summons of the night was issued to Lauren Elizabeth Gonzalez of Coral Gables, Fla., whose illicit blaze was burning on Georgica Beach. On Sunday morning, Daniel L. Agiesta of Huntington Station was cited on Main Beach for letting his dog run loose in a restricted area.


All four tires on a trailer owned by Peter Joyce Seaside Landscaping, parked on South Euclid Street, were slashed over the four-day July Fourth weekend. It cost Mr. Joyce $705 to replace them, he told police.

Police were called to the Second House museum last Thursday morning, where a driver for Rainbow Taxi was sleeping in a 2007 company minivan, parked illegally almost out of sight behind a hedgerow. The driver had a valid New York State license, but not a Class E license, which is required for taxi drivers. Since he was not operating the taxi, he was not charged, and his name was redacted from the report. Police escorted the man off the property, warning him that he would be arrested for trespassing if it happened again. The taxi was taken to the Montauk police substation, where it was held until the owner of the company could pick it up.

Overnight on Saturday, vandals attacked the door to a utility room at the South Lake Drive beach, bashing it repeatedly and causing substantial damage. This is the second time in recent weeks that a facility at the beach, which is between Old West Lake Drive and East Lake Drive and is the southernmost town beach on Lake Montauk, has been vandalized. The bathroom was the previous target.

Northwest Woods

On July 3, while Carol Novotney of Wooded Oak Lane was seated on her back porch, someone entered through the front door, making off with a wallet containing $400. Nothing else was taken, she told police.

Sag Harbor

Alan Furst of Hampton Road, the author of popular novels of international intrigue, presented police with a mystery Monday. At some point between last Thursday and Friday, persons unknown “did damage to his front porch screen door,” according to the report. The top hinge on the door was ripped off its frame. Mr. Furst had the door repaired at the cost of $200 before calling police. He told the investigating officer he suspected a person nursing a grudge from “an incident that took place a few years ago.”


Police were called to Copeces Lane last Thursday after Karen Pardini noticed a broken doorknob to a utility room on the side of the house. The room had been entered, police found, but nothing was stolen.


A box left at a Knoll Lane residence on the afternon of May 10 was stolen. Douglas Carey, who reported the theft for insurance purposes on July 5, said that the box contained $1,100 worth of women’s clothing.