On the Police Logs 08.24.17


Tiina the Store had been particularly busy on Aug. 5, Tiina Laakkonen, the owner, told police a few days later. She noticed a woman behaving oddly, she said, but was distracted and could not monitor her every move. The woman left without making a purchase. Later, a top designed by Gareth Casey of Paris was discovered missing. Casey Casey blouses, which draw inspiration from French workwear, retail for over $500.

East Hampton

A mailbox at an Accabonac Road residence was stolen sometime between Aug. 2 and Aug. 4. Nancy Nagle valued the missing box at $30.

East Hampton Village

Yadi Figueroa, who runs a cleaning service, told police a caller identifying herself only as “Mary” had offered her $300 to clean her East Hampton house. “Mary” then sent her a postal money order for $900.35, and told her, when she called, that it was an error. She asked Ms. Figueroa to deposit it in her bank account and wire the difference to a third party. When Ms. Figueroa tried to cash the money order at the Gay Street post office, she was told it was counterfeit.

Several summonses were issued this week to men unaware of the village’s regulations requiring that beach fires be contained in metal. Ron Vinder of Manhattan and East Hampton was written up the night of Aug. 15 for burning an illegal fire on Main Beach. A Mr. Siniscalchi of Manhattan was cited on Georgica Beach the evening of Aug. 16, and Shelly Fisher of Venice, Calif., on Egypt Beach Saturday evening.

Four summonses were issued last Thursday evening to landscape workers using loud equipment after the evening curfew on such activity. Two men, Pantaleon Garcia Polanca and Rafael Gonzalez, were cited on the same David’s Lane property. Outside a neighboring house, Rafael Cuello Sanchez was cited. The last worker cited that evening was Javier Hernandez Bravo, who was working on Egypt Lane.

Ryan C. Phillips of Manhattan got a summons late Saturday afternoon for having a dog on a restricted stretch of Main Beach during daytime hours.

A resident of Franklin Lakes, N.J., approached a foot patrolman Sunday night saying that he speaks fluent Arabic and had just overheard a man in the alleyway by Starbucks “listening to what he believed to be the Quran in Arabic.” The New Jersey man “described the content as “ ‘eliminating the infidel in the name of God,’ ” He described the man as “five-foot-five inches tall, 40 to 50 years old, with dark hair and dark skin, wearing long jean shorts that ended mid-calf and a dark shirt.” The officer checked the area but found no one matching the description.

A Pleasant Lane woman became alarmed when she saw children on a neighboring property arguing, with a little girl lying on the ground. Police questioned the children’s mother, who told them the children were playing. “No further action taken,” the report concludes.

Road rage was the complaint from an East Haven, Conn., man last Thursday afternoon. He told police he was driving on Further Lane, where the speed limit is 25 miles per hour, when a pickup truck began tailgating him and “blowing his horn.” The Connecticut man pulled over, but so did the driver of the pickup, who walked up to his Toyota and began screaming profanities. “The subject then spat at him and tried to pull the wind visor off the vehicle” before driving away. Police apparently know who he is — a 62-year-old Montauk man, according to the report — but his name was blacked out, since the Toyota driver declined to press charges.


A midnight visit to the 7-Eleven on Aug. 13 cost a visitor her iPhone 7, valued at $800. Whitney Aliperti of Coram told police she’d set down the rose-gold phone by the register and then left without it. When she realized her mistake and returned, it was gone. She tried to use the Find My iPhone app, she told police, but the thief had shut it down. Several hours later, however, the app gave a Deer Park location. The store has numerous surveillance cameras, and police are investigating.

On the evening of Aug. 9, a woman showed up at a Fairmont Avenue house and began shouting obscenities. Paul Greene told police the family went inside, but the woman went through a fence into the yard and began knocking on the door, yelling. She went away, but returned in a green Dodge van, which she parked in front of the driveway, blocking it. She was gone by the time police arrived, and they could not find the van. The family was told to call police if she should return.

Thomas Ferreira, who has numerous vehicles, some operational, some not, outside his Navy Road house, found a man sleeping in one of them on Sunday morning. The man left after being awakened, but police soon found him. Though they redacted his name, the report states that he was previously arrested on Navy Road on July 28, on a charge of disorderly conduct, and The Star reported afterward that one Stalenyn P. Diaz was charged that day at that location. Later on Sunday the same man, again unidentified because no charge was filed, was found intoxicated and asleep on the sidewalk outside the Port Royal on Navy Road. Officers warned him to stay away from the residences up and down Navy Road or face arrest for trespassing.

The hand-carved wooden roadside sign for La Fine restaurant at the Montauk Manor was stolen overnight on Aug. 15. The estimated replacement cost is $500.

Sag Harbor

Richard Pinto reported a 10-foot-long dinghy missing Sunday morning from its mooring off North Haven. The craft, powered by a four-horsepower Suzuki motor, was eventually found near Lion Head Rock in the Clearwater Beach area of Springs.

Alan Furst called police at 4 a.m. on Sunday, complaining about loud music in the area. Police arrived but reported hearing nothing out of the ordinary.


Someone rummaged through 30 or so vehicles parked at Kalbacher’s over the July 30 weekend. Tracy Erb told police nothing appeared to be missing except for the hood ornament on a Mercedes-Benz.