On the Police Logs 08.31.17


A Critical Bikes Beaumont seven-speed bicycle was stolen from the parking lot of Indian Wells Beach on the afternoon of Aug. 6, a Sunday. Ariana Diaz told a harbormaster that she had left the $400 bike unattended for about an hour. 

Silva Rea, a handyman working at a Marine Boulevard residence, arrived there last Thursday at 8 a.m., leaving his wallet in his 2001 Jeep. At about the same time, a landscaping company arrived. Mr. Rea went back to the Jeep half an hour later to find the wallet on the front passenger seat, sans the $547 that was in it when he arrived. He told police one of the landscapers might have taken it, and they all agreed to be searched. The money was not found. 

East Hampton Town police were called in to defuse a physical altercation in the parking lot of the I.G.A. late Saturday afternoon. One of the men involved, Ian Irving of Springs, told police that the other, Harvey Weinstein of Westport, Conn., had had a minor motor vehicle accident in the lot and begun to drive off. Mr. Irving said he confronted Mr. Weinstein, a film producer, who got out of his vehicle. The disagreement quickly turned physical, witnesses said, and an employee of the supermarket phoned police, who upon arrival had to separate the two. Neither man wanted to press charges, and police directed them to go their separate ways. It appears from police records that no accident report was filed. 

East Hampton

Police were called to the Racquet Club of East Hampton on Daniel’s Hole Road on Aug. 15, where Scott Rubenstein told them that his Verizon account had been hacked a week earlier. The hacker, he said, had ordered five new lines to the account, among other charges, under the name Mohab Mothued. Police were not successful in contacting the person. Mr. Rubenstein said he needed the situation documented in order to dispute the charges with Verizon. 

East Hampton Village

A report of a man sleeping on a bench outside the Ladies Village Improvement Society sent police there on the morning of Aug. 22. The man, who said he was homeless and waiting for a bus, left without incident. 

Police assisted a caretaker at Dune Alpin Farm to return a “horse running loose” on Aug. 22 to its fenced-in area on the property.

A complaint to police on Aug. 22 about a worker using lawn equipment after the evening curfew ended in a summons for Jaime Ruben Tuquinan Cornel.

“Loud voices in the area” resulted in a police visit to Pondview Lane last Thursday evening. Officers traced the noise to a residence, whose owner told them that “his kids are watching a movie in the backyard.” “Negative violations observed,” the report concludes. 

A Dumpster in Citarella’s parking lot caught fire Friday morning. East Hampton Fire Department volunteers quickly extinguished the flames.


Two cab drivers had a dispute on Aug. 20 that required police intervention. Gilberto Gonzalez Barreto of Montauk told police he had parked his taxi at the train station that morning. When he returned in the afternoon, a rear tire was flat; thanks, he said, to a deliberate puncture. He blamed Maqsood Syed of Holtsville, with whom he had exchanged words previously, according to the heavily redacted report. Mr. Gonzalez Barreto told police he did not want to pursue the matter, and both men were advised to avoid further contact. 

Sometime after a July 17 report of a 2017 gray Toyota 4-Runner missing from a unit at Montauk Shores Condominium, police spotted the vehicle parked outside the 7-Eleven, headlights on, driver’s door open, and windshield wipers on as well. An officer watched the car for a time, but no one came near it. It was eventually returned to Kieran Brew, after being treated as “unauthorized use of a vehicle” and part of a crime scene. Police later viewed surveillance videos from the store, and report seeing a man get in and out of the vehicle several times. The investigation remains open.


East Hampton Town Councilwoman Kathee Burke-Gonzalez had an unwelcome visitor on Aug. 23. She told police the next day that a quart jar of pickles had been poured out or knocked over on her porch. There was no serious damage, but she wanted the incident documented. 

Jane Gill, a real estate saleswoman, called police on Aug. 12 to an Old Stone Highway house she is selling for its owner, Hassan Abouseda. Ten days before, she said, she had found “skid marks” on the floor between a bedroom and a sliding kitchen door. A bedroom dresser, valued at $3,000, was missing. When she checked the premises later, she found several other pieces of furniture gone, including two dressers of equal value, a world globe, a bag of tools, and a Whirlpool stackable washer-dryer valued at $1,460. She had hidden the house key outside in different places, she told police, while showing the house. Ms. Gill also said she had held an estate sale there on July 19, during which many people had been inside. There was no sign of forced entry, police said, and they are investigating the report as a burglary.