New Election Endorsements

    The East Hampton Conservators, a political action committee that supports pro-environment candidates and issues, has announced its endorsement of the Democratic candidates for town supervisor and town board, support that will give the Democrats an extra boost of money, as well.
    Zach Cohen for supervisor and Peter Van Scoyoc and Sylvia Overby for town board have taken positions that “are consistent with preserving what makes East Hampton one of the best places in the world to live,” said David Doty, the Conservators’ treasurer. “We believe that you can maintain historic legacy, a high quality of life, and high property values while protecting the environment and open space, not suburbanizing the town.”
    Mr. Doty said that the PAC has been “shocked” in the last couple of years about some of the actions the current administration has taken under the auspices of closing the large budget gap. He cited an exploration into the sale of two commercial fishing docks in Montauk as well as the Republican majority’s plan to sell Fort Pond House in that same hamlet, although that has been challenged in a lawsuit.
    The Conservators have also committed themselves to ensuring that the town fights against privatization of town beaches, and the group has become increasingly concerned with the seemingly callous attitude the administration has taken with Montauk residents angry about crowded nightclubs in that hamlet.
    Mr. Doty also said that the Conservators are disconcerted by the current administration’s encouragement of increased housing density in areas like Springs, that simply can’t support it. “We’ve looked at the platform of Supervisor [Bill] Wilkinson and Theresa Quigley and that slate of candidates and their supporters, and we believe it is not in the best interest for East Hampton.”
    In other endorsement news, State Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr., who earlier backed Mr. Wilkinson in his bid for re-election and the Independence Party candidate for town board, Bill Mott, has announced his support of Mr. Mott’s running mate, Marilyn Behan.