Recipes: 04.27.17

Beyond the Ban

Yemeni Mafaiya Fish Stew

Serves four. 

1 10-oz. can of peeled tomatoes (I used some that Jason Weiner canned last summer from Pike Farm in Sagaponack)

1/2 cup small diced sunchokes

1/2 cup small diced carrots (I snagged the ones for the dinner from my friend Layton Guenther at Quail Hill Farm, overwintered and still super sweet and delicious)

1/2 cup blanched stinging nettles from Quail Hill Farm

1/4 cup diced fennel

3 cloves garlic, minced

1 Tbsp. Aleppo pepper flakes

1/2 Tbsp. urfa biber (a Turkish dried pepper)

1/2 Tbsp. each freshly toasted and ground cumin and coriander

1 pound peeled monkfish tail, cut into large dice

1 pinch saffron

3 oz. fresh lemon juice

Chiffonade of cilantro leaves

Extra virgin olive oil


In a large heavy-bottom, short-sided pot, sweat the fennel and garlic on medium heat until aromatic and translucent.

Add the carrots and sunchokes. Raise the heat and pan roast, moving them constantly so they do not get too much color. Add the tomatoes, dry spices, and nettles. Let simmer until the vegetables have become fork tender. Adding the monkfish last will keep it from breaking up too much.

To serve, float lemon juice, cilantro, and good quality extra virgin olive oil on top.