25 Years Ago in Bonac Sports 10.27.11

October 2, 1986
    The East Hampton High School golf team set a school record for medal play, a 201, in a recent 7-2 win at Mattituck, led by Duane Bock, Bill Segelken, Pat Bistrian III, and John Becker. The former record was 204, said the team’s coach, Lee Dion, who added that in a recent 8-1 loss to Westhampton, Bock, East Hampton’s number-one, came within a stroke of tying Chris Becker’s one-round record of 35.

October 16, 1986
    Mercy did not drop as the gentle rain from heaven Saturday night. Rather, it was more like a ton of bricks as the Riverhead school’s football team, playing with evangelical zeal, scored the first time it had the ball, and went on to defeat East Hampton 8-0, thwarting the Bonac offense at every turn.
    “They beat us in the trenches,” said East Hampton’s coach, Ted Meyer. “That was really the whole ball game right there. . . . They came at us hard. They were a lot better than we gave them credit for.”
    . . . There was one moment of joy, when the third quarter began, as Dean Foster, the fullback, swept the weak side and sped 37 yards to Mercy’s 30-yard line before he was caught from behind.

October 23, 1986
    The East Hampton-Pierson High School cross-country team, buoyed by the return of Jim Dunlop III, a senior who recently ran across most of the country as part of a San Francisco-Washington, D.C., relay to raise funds for drug abuse programs, finished a surprising second to Port Jefferson in Tuesday’s Peconic Cross-Country invitational at Indian Island Park in Riverhead.
    . . . It was the first appearance this season of Dunlop, who, after his return from the Transcon relay, had to make up missed schoolwork.

October 30, 1986
    One of the Babylon High School floats in Saturday’s homecoming parade there featured a woebegone Bonacker pilloried on goalposts above a sign that gave the final score as Babylon 87, East Hampton 0. Well, it was not quite as bad as that, though it was pretty bad.
    Babylon, known for its tough football teams, in rather easy fashion routed the Bonackers 34-8. Had the hands of Bonac receivers been more sure, had kickoff and punt returners been more eager to gather in the ball, and had the crew who followed Jamie Grubb’s admirable punts downfield been more unyielding, things might have been somewhat, though not altogether, different.