Big Week For Cameron Yusko

He has wanted to go to Duke since he was 10 years old. Jack Graves

    The week past was a stellar one for Cameron Yusko, a senior captain of East Hampton High’s boys basketball team. During it, he was named, by virtue of his 98.5 unweighted average, as East Hampton’s valedictorian and received Channel 12’s scholar-athlete-of-the-month award.
    He was only the fourth Bonacker to be so honored since Robin Streck first won the award in the fall of 1990.
    Yusko, who’s going to attend Duke University in the fall — where he’s wanted to go, he said, since he was 10-years-old — is a three-sport athlete (golf, basketball, and baseball) and was a co-captain of the golf and basketball teams.
    “All the teams Cameron’s played on in the past year have made the playoffs,” said his golf coach, Claude Beudert. He’s equally well-rounded academically. When asked if he’d decided yet on a college major, he said, “I’m undecided, but I do like biology.”
    During a visit to the school Friday, Channel 12 interviewed two of the honoree’s coaches, Beudert and Ed Bahns, the baseball mentor, as well as the athletic director Joe Vas. The award-winner surfed the Internet, and stroked softly-tossed baseballs and hit some golf balls on the school’s turf field for the cameras.
    The scholar-athlete segment is to be aired on Channel 12 Tuesday on the hour from 5 p.m.
    A six-year varsity golfer, a two-year varsity basketball player, and a four-year veteran of the varsity baseball team, Yusko said that the day last spring when the county-championship golf team won the Long Island championship “was one of the best days of my life,” and added, that he thought the baseball team will make the playoffs this spring in spite of the fact that one of its best pitchers, Maykell Guzman, is now concentrating on the sport in the Dominican Republic.