Cashin Sets Pump-Run Mark

“The great part about this race is that you don’t have to be a fast runner to do well"
Caroline Cashin, who set a women’s record, has gotten stronger in the past year. Meredith Cairns

    Caroline Cashin, with 120 pumps, which took the pressure off her in the subsequent run that spanned the Atlantic and Indian Wells Beaches in Amagansett, was the runner-up to Neil Falkenhan and set a record for women in the Body Tech and Old Montauk Athletic Club’s “Pump and Run” competition on Aug. 22.
    This year, “thanks to my workouts at [her husband Ed’s] Exceed Fitness studio” on Plank Road, Cashin chest-pressed the bar 120 times, 22 more repetitions than she did at the same event in 2011.
    “The great part about this race,” the 36-year-old Cashin said, “is that you don’t have to be a fast runner to do well. Two years ago Mike [Bahel] beat me by three seconds — this year I beat him by three.”
    “I stopped spinning this year,” she continued, “and focused more on functional classes, and really noticed a difference. Not only was my lower body more toned, I was more fit in general. I know athletes who train at Exceed Fitness and they get results, but Ed’s classes aren’t just for athletic people — they’re open to everyone of all fitness levels.”
    Falkenhan, who’s 28, did 71 reps of 60 percent of his body weight and ran the 1.7-mile stretch in 9:58. Given his chest-press credits, which were translated into seconds and then deducted from his run time, he netted a 6:25.
    Caroline Cashin’s net time for the run was 7:22. Behind her in the standings were Bahel, 46, at 7:25; Erik Engstrom, 14, at 8:51, and Mike Bunce, 26, at 9:32. There were 20 competitors in all.
    Henrika Conner of the Old Montauk Athletic Club said later that “without Mike this event wouldn’t happen. He provided the weights, the T-shirts, water, food, and prizes. Billy O’Donnell brought a bench and more. The club provided the clock.”