Preiss 7th in State, ’Canes Evaluated

The boys team lost only three to graduation
The Hurricanes, the Y.M.C.A. East Hampton RECenter’s youth swim team, got their feet wet here on Nov. 16. Durell Godfrey

    Marina Preiss capped an eventful East Hampton High School career with seventh-place finishes in the state’s girls swim meet’s 50 and 100-yard races in Ithaca Saturday.

    John McGeehan, East Hampton’s coach, said on his way back from Ithaca that Preiss had swum the 100 in 51.76 seconds in a preliminary heat on Friday. “That 51.76,” he said, “was a best-ever time for her in that event, which seeded her third in the finals.”

    Preiss, who will swim at San Diego State beginning next fall, swam a 52.11 in Saturday’s final, finishing seventh, as aforesaid. “Needless to say, she was disappointed,” said McGeehan, “but still to be the seventh-best 100 and 50 swimmer in all of New York State is quite something.”

    State swim meets are open to public high schools and to Catholic and other private schools as well. It’s not subdivided into enrollment classifications as are, for example, soccer, girls volleyball, basketball, track, and field hockey.

    In the 50, Preiss lowered Friday’s preliminary heat time of 24.31 to 24.21 in the final. “She was seeded ninth for the final, and finished seventh,” her coach said. “Just to make the finals — there were about 50 girls in every event up there — is an accomplishment. . . . I don’t think her time today was a ‘p.r.,’ but it was very close to it.”

    It was the fourth year in the past five that Preiss, who is trained in the off-season by her mother, Meg, has competed at the state level.

    In other local swimming news, 10 members of the Y.M.C.A. East Hampton RECenter’s youth swim team, the Hurricanes, have received strength and flexibility evaluation tests at the Philosofit movement training studio, which is in the DeSanti building across the street from the Y.

    Those tested were Lilah Minetree, Georgie Bogetti, Thomas Brierley, Trevor Mott, Teague Costello, Isabella Swanson, Cecilia De Havenon, Maddie Jones, Marikate Ryan, and Maggie Purcell.

    Tom Cohill, the Hurricanes’ coach, and Philosofit’s Ari Weller were put in touch with each other this summer by a client of Weller’s whose son Cohill had been coaching.

    One would think 13 through 18-year-old athletes would be pretty much problem-free, but Weller said the day following the tests that “they’re not perfect — some who did very well on the functional movement screening [in which seven primary movements were evaluated] did very poorly on the muscle testing, and vice versa. . . . We’re creating programs for all of them that will run twice a week for the next 12 weeks.”

    The idea is to limit the likelihood of injury by balancing strength and flexibility, thus eliminating the tendency of the body to redress imbalances by overcompensating.

    “For example,” said Weller, “when you’ve got weaknesses in your hips or in your ankles, the knees pay the price. The N.F.L., the N.B.A., Major League Baseball, and the N.C.A.A. use these seven basic movement tests to assess their athletes. They’re also valuable for everyday athletes too.”

    With the highest score being a 3 in each of the seven movement tests, and the lowest a 1, “A score of 14 or below,” said Weller, “pretty much guarantees that you’ll be on injured reserve at some point during the season.”

    Among the Hurricanes tested the other day were, as aforesaid, Brierley and Mott, who also anchor the high school’s boys swim team.

    “Thomas went through a similar program at Andy Reilly’s I.E.T. fitness studio in Bridgehampton this summer,” said Thomas’s father, Craig, who is the boys team’s coach. “The idea is to retrain your brain so that your muscles work the way they’re supposed to — so that injuries can be prevented.”

    As for the boys team, which began practice at the Y last week, Brierley said, “Thomas and Trevor, both of whom are very versatile, will lead us, as they have in the past couple of years. . . . We only lost three to graduation.”

    About a half-dozen on the varsity are also Hurricanes, double dipping that the elder Brierley encourages.

    The Hurricanes had their first home meet, versus the Cross Island Y’s team, at the RECenter on Nov. 16. Cohill said of it, “We did really, really well, though we don’t generally score these meets. . . . Trevor broke 50 seconds in winning the 100, and Thomas had a great 400 I.M. [individual medley].”

    The Hurricanes, Cohill added, will hold distance time trials at the Y this Saturday from 1:30 p.m. “The older kids will do the mile, and the younger ones the 500,” he said.