Sports Briefs 07.18.13

Local sports notes

Three Races, Three Wins
    Owen Dawson, a Penn State miler and half-miler who is working this summer at the Gubbins Running Ahead New Balance store here, is indeed running ahead.
    As of earlier this week, Dawson, who is one of four elite collegiate runners in Gubbins’s employ, had won all three races he’d entered — in Mastic, West Chester, Pa. (his hometown), and Bellport. As a result, he’s won “about $1,250” in prize money.
    His big payday came on July 6 in West Chester, where he received $800 for winning the Tolsdorf Oil Lube Express Mile, an elite road race contested as part of a cycling criterium weekend there. Dawson ran the distance in four minutes and six seconds, outkicking Christian Gonzalez and Travis Mahoney, who belong, said Dawson, to the New Jersey/New York Track Club. Gonzalez’s time was 4:07, Mahoney’s, 4:08.
    In other action, Dawson and a fellow Gubbins employee, Ryan Hagen of Virginia Tech, finished one-two in the Miracle Mile in Mastic at the end of last month, and also in Sunday’s Bellport Clipper Classic 5K.
    Dawson won the 5K in 15:08.
    “I think that it’s for a while,” Dawson said when asked what would be next, “though all of us will continue to train together.”
    The four elite middle-distance runners — Shawn Roberts of Georgia Tech and Will McFall of Cornell are the other two — participate in the store’s Hamptons Marathon Sunday morning training runs too.

For Senior Athlete’s Donations
    The post office box number of Bobby Harris’s address was omitted from last week’s story about the senior high-jumper and former East Hampton High School star athlete, who is to compete in the Senior Olympics in Cleveland next Thursday. The 65-to-69-year-old age group competitor is seeking sponsors to help with his estimated $860 trip.
    The correct address to which sponsorship donations can be sent is c/o Bobby Harris, P.O. Box 37, James Farley Station, New York City 10116. He can also be e-mailed at