Brewing Company Extends Its Slow-Pitch Streak to 27-0

Defeats the Gig Shack 15-3
Hail, hail, the gang’s all here . . . though before things got too cozy, Groundworks’ Michelle Grant made sure P.B.A.’s Julie Morgan was out. Jack Graves

The former Montauk Fire Department slow-pitch softball team, which went 20-0 last summer and which is sponsored by the Montauk Brewing Company now, improved its Montauk slow-pitch league record to 7-0 Monday as the result of defeating the Gig Shack 15-3.

The Brewing Company, whose pitcher is Rob Nicoletti, presumably the league’s senior player, had two big innings, the first and the third, during which it scored a total of 9 runs.

In the top of the first, Steve Bechard, a new addition (and a former draft pick of the Chicago Cubs), doubled in Ray Wojtusiak, the team’s leadoff hitter, Tommy Thorsen, and Andy Tuthill, each of whom had singled.

Thorsen, Bechard, Andrew Foglia, Vaughan Cutillo (one of the Brewing Company’s owners, who’s playing ball again), and Nick Jarboe all had base hits in the third, leading to the aforementioned 5 runs.

It was Nicoletti’s 26th consecutive win as the Brewing Company’s pitcher.

The Brewing Company leads the 10-team wood bat league’s A Division, and, presumably, Sloppy Tuna, a team whose manager is Jerry Uribe, tops the B Division.

The Brewers and Sloppy Tuna have met once thus far this season, with the former coming out on top 13-12. At the beginning of the season, the Brewers lost three key players — Jorge Blanco, Jorge Bello, and Marco Serra — to Sloppy Tuna, but replaced them with Bechard, Cutillo, Jeff Hand, and Bobby Reich.

One game a night, at 8:15, is played at the Montauk Lions field. Meanwhile women’s slow-pitch games are under way at the Terry King ball field in Amagansett.

There are four women’s teams this season — Provisions, P.B.A., Groundworks Landscaping, and Bono Plumbing — and no one is running away with it as Provisions, under its present and numerous former incarnations, used to do.

Two of Provisions’ former stalwarts, Jeanie Bunce and her sister, Eileen Noonan, who had been the pitcher, retired before the season began, leaving Lori Schultz and her sister, Barbara Kelsey, as the sole survivors of the team’s many pennants and playoff championships in years past.

As of earlier in the week, Rich Schneider, who oversees the league, reported that Groundworks, as the result of a comeback 5-4 win over P.B.A., was in first place, at 3-0, followed by P.B.A., at 2-1, Provisions, at 1-2, and Bono, at 0-3.

All agree, however, that Bono, which has on its roster Mylan Le, who played in two N.C.A.A. Division II softball world series when she was a student at Bloomsburg (Pa.) University, and her two sisters, Mi Linh and My Hoa, is better than its record indicates.

In any event, Mylan Le said Monday, “all the teams will make the playoffs.”

This evening’s games, at 7 and 8:15, are to be between P.B.A. and Bono Plumbing, and between Provisions and Groundworks.

On Tuesday, Provisions is to play Bono at 7, and Groundworks is to play P.B.A. at 8:15.