Women Guards Repeat

East Hampton’s men’s A team was the runner-up to the perennial men’s champion, Smith Point, by 2 points
East Hampton’s men’s and women’s A teams won the paddleboard relays at East Hampton’s Main Beach tournament last Thursday. Durell Godfrey

The East Hampton Town women’s lifeguard team repeated as the Main Beach invitational tournament’s champion last Thursday, while East Hampton’s men’s A team was the runner-up to the perennial men’s champion, Smith Point, by 2 points.

“Our men won four of the seven events, so you may ask how Smith Point won,” said John Ryan Sr., the guru of lifeguarding here. “They won because they got seconds and thirds and because they won the landline rescue easily, whereas we finished next-to-last. We’ve got to work on that [an event that involves two pullers and a victim].”

East Hampton’s men’s A team swept the 400-meter distance swim (Trevor Mott, Andrey Trigubovich, and Teague Costello), and won as well the 2-kilometer distance run (T.J. Paradiso), the paddleboard relay (Nick Sweeney, Basil Lynch, Mott, and Peter Johann), and the run-swim-run relay (Mott, Teague Cos­tello, Thomas Brierley, and Trigu­bo­vich).

The town’s women’s A team won four events as well, the distance swim (Amanda Calabrese), the distance run (Paige Duca), the paddleboard relay (Calabrese, Katrina Garry, Lucy Mullin, and Melanie Mackin), and beach flags (Lucy Kohlhoff).

The winning women’s roster comprised Katrina Garry (captain), Shannon Ryan, Alyssa Bahel (who was the distance run’s runner-up), Calabrese, Dana Cebulski, Duca, Mackin, Kohlhoff, Lucy Mullin, Laura Gundersen, Paloma Tavera, and Maddie Aldrich.

The runner-up men were Chris Cinque (captain), Mott, Brierley, Costello, Trigubovich, Johann, Sweeney, Paradiso, Glen Baietti, Lynch, Patrick Mullin, and Jack Ryan.

East Hampton also entered a combined town-village women’s team that numbered Haley Ryan (captain), Nina Piacentine, Carly Drew, Morgan German, Katla Thorsen, Kathryn Hess, Christina Cangiolosi, Emily Shafonda, Dannie Gonzalez, and Karli Nunez.

German, Drew, Hess, and Cangiolosi were the runners-up in the landline rescue, and Piacentine, Shafonda, Cangiolosi, and Nunez placed third in the paddleboard relay.

East Hampton’s men’s B team comprised Sean Fosse (captain), Anthony McGorisk, Charles Bouri, Harrison Kennedy, Joe Gengarelly, Andrew Winthrop, Devin Coy, Kelly Kalbacher, Shane McCann, Sergio Betancur, and Jeremy Pepper.

“The men sweeping the distance swim was amazing,” said Ryan. The town men’s A team won the distance run as well, with Paradiso finishing first, followed by Sweeney. Brierley, who placed eighth, was the third runner scored.

Ryan’s son, John Jr., who is the lifeguard chief here, said that Sweeney, Lynch, Mott, and Johann easily won the rescue board relay. “Peter had such a large lead that it was like a Sunday paddle for him,” said the younger Ryan, who added that “our town team was impressive. . . . Smith Point is always tough.”

East Hampton is sending a men’s team to Smith Point Monday to compete in the Long Island championships, in which teams from Jones Beach, Fire Island, Long Beach, and a nationally ranked team from Delaware are to vie.

“We will be hard pressed to win that,” said the elder Ryan.

Also on the horizon lifeguarding-wise is the East Hampton junior lifeguard tournament at Indian Wells Beach on Aug. 2 and 3, the national lifeguard tournament at Virginia Beach, Va., between Aug. 6 and 9, Saturday’s Montauk Playhouse ocean swims in Montauk, and the East Hampton Volunteer Ocean Rescue Squad’s swim at Fresh Pond, Amagansett, on Aug. 16.

Lucy Kohlhoff, at right, who won the beach flags event for the East Hampton Town women’s A team, has, because of the fall soccer season, had to turn down two invites to world competitions. Craig Macnaughton
T.J. Paradiso won the (2-kilometer) distance run at last Thursday’s Main Beach lifeguard tournament. Jack Graves