Porsche Has Pilla Pumped

“Doesn’t everyone want more horsepower, Jack?!”
The Car Doctor World crew remapped a Porsche Metzger engine in the past two months, creating a 1,000-horsepower version that runs on pump fuel.

Asked the reason why he had reworked a Porsche Metzger engine so that it would achieve 1,000 horsepower on pump fuel, the Car Doctor, Ryan Pilla, said the other day, “Doesn’t everyone want more horsepower, Jack?!”

“It took us two months — it was a fun project,” added Car Doctor World’s “nurse,” Rod Davidson. “We’ve created more horsepower out of pump fuel than anyone else has to date.”

Pilla has yet to test it out on a track, though he said he’d do so soon, after Labor Day. “We’re not sure how fast it will go, but it ought to do well over 200 miles per hour . . . it may approach 230.”

This bright red 2009 Porsche 911 (997) can hardly be missed as you drive by the Car Doctor World shop on Scuttlehole Road in Water Mill.

But, of course, it’s what’s on the inside that makes this car unique in Pilla and Davidson’s estimation.

“It’s a twin turbocharged 3.6-liter engine,” said the Car Doctor, noting that Porsches usually had 450 horsepower engines. “We’ve completely remapped the air-fuel ratio and thus doubled the amount of forced fuel induction with these turbos,” he said. “It’s like a jet airplane. How can I put it? It’s not like eating normally — I’m shoving it down your throat!”

During a brief ride he proved it, snapping this writer’s head into the back seat momentarily, after which he spun all four tires in third gear.

You want quiet, it will be quiet. You want noise, you can have noise, because of a remotely controlled gizmo that governs the solenoid that either lets the exhaust pass smoothly through the mufflers or rumble straight out the back.

“This isn’t a track car [though on race fuel, he said, which it also can take, 200 more horsepower can be produced] — it’s a factory stock car for an everyday driver. . . . I know I’m the first to do this. People have gotten to 920, 950, and 968 on pump fuel, but not to 1,000. Actually, we went to 1,016 horsepower on the dynamometer.”

“We’ve taken one of the most amazing sports cars in the world and have made it better,” he continued. “This is going to be huge. This is going to be something that will be read about in car magazines all over the world.”