Bonac Football ‘Will Be Competitive’ in Division IV

Three of East Hampton’s starters are sidelined at the moment with injuries
Greenport, one of whose receivers outleapt two defenders in the end zone for a touchdown early on, scored twice in Friday’s scrimmage here, and East Hampton, while competitive, could not punch the ball in. Jack Graves

The Greenport and East Hampton High School football teams scrimmaged here Friday, and following it, Joe McKee, the Bonackers’ coach, said his players, while they were outscored two touchdowns to none, had held their own.

Three of East Hampton’s starters, namely Noah Lappin, a fleet running back, Kevin Weiss, a lineman, and Louis Bourie, are sidelined at the moment with injuries. Bourie’s, a broken collarbone, has put him out for the season. Lappin is recovering from a concussion, and Weiss has a shoulder injury the extent of which was to have been revealed Tuesday.

East Hampton, with Jacen Tuthill at the helm, looked good on the scrimmage’s opening drive, from the East Hampton 30, as Shane O’Dwyer, with a catch and a run, and Andrew Jurkiewicz and Joey Berti, with runs, got the ball down to a first-and-goal at the 5, only to subsequently turn it over.

Greenport scored on its first possession, thanks to a leaping catch in the end zone of a fourth-and-goal pass from the 25.

“Another time we got the ball inside their 10,” said McKee, “but couldn’t punch it in. Their second score was similar to their first, a long fourth-down pass that our defender tipped and their guy caught. . . . We made some mistakes, but we’re pretty happy. It was typical of what I think our games will be like — battles. We’ll be competitive.”

McKee, whose assistants include Ed McGintee, Kelly McKee, Lorenzo Rodriguez, Robbie Peters, and Bob Budd, has 29 on the varsity squad — 10 seniors, 18 juniors, and one sophomore.

Kyle Russell, who, with Andrew Foglia, is coaching the jayvee, has 19 listed on the roster, though Russell said that only 15 had suited up for Friday’s scrimmage with their Greenport counterparts. 

“The jayvee’s scrimmage was like ours,” said McKee. “They did pretty well; they were competitive. Greenport had one touchdown. We had our chances, but weren’t able to punch it in.”

“We’re good in the skills positions — we’re quick and have good hands,” Budd, who’s been coaching football here since the mid-1960s, said before the varsity scrimmage. 

The squad includes, besides the above-named, Carlos Schiappacasse, a guard, Ryan Lynch, a running back, Damien Breault, a wide receiver and cornerback, Anthony Franzone, a running back, Robert Weiss, a wide receiver, Reggie Williams, a lineman, Seth Kappel, a lineman, Brendan Farrell, a tight end and defensive end. 

Mike Perez, a tight end and middle linebacker, Greg Keyser, a tight end, Ruben Santana, a wide receiver and linebacker, Danny Gutierrez, a running back, Jimmy German, a wide receiver, and the following, all linemen — Danny Villa, Harrison Darenberg, Luis Idrovo, Christian Sanchez, Jack Murphy, and James Peralta.

In Newsday’s football preview on Sunday, East Hampton was ranked 12th among Division IV’s 14 teams, ahead of Wyandanch and Southampton-Pierson, and behind all the rest. Last year’s record was 2-6, though McKee told his charges on the first day of practice that it could just as well have been 3-5 or even 4-4. 

The key players Newsday listed were Farrell, a 6-foot-3-inch, 200-pound senior tight end and defensive lineman; Idrovo, a 200-pound senior offensive and defensive lineman; Lappin, a junior running back and linebacker; Ju­­r­kiewicz, a senior running back and linebacker, and Kevin Weiss, a 200-pound junior offensive and defensive lineman. As aforesaid, Lappin and Weiss were sidelined as of the other day.

East Hampton’s first game is to be Saturday at ninth-ranked Port Jefferson, at 2 p.m.