Men’s Soccer Undefeated

Hampton United defeated S.F.C. Newcastle 4-1

Hampton United, the local entry in the Suffolk (over-30) Men’s Soccer League, defeated S.F.C. Newcastle 4-1 on Sunday in a game played in Hampton Bays. Quique Araya, the goalie, said goals were scored by Miguel Munoz (two), Jimmy Bedoya, and Jose Almansa. Romulo Tubatan, the right wing, assisted on Munoz’s goals — “two beautiful crosses,” Araya said. 

“It wasn’t as easy as the score indicated,” Araya added. “It was scoreless at the half. In the second, we were able to take advantage of gaps in their defense and kept the pressure on.”

The team, at 2-0-1, with a first-round League Cup win as well, was as of this week one of three undefeated teams in the first division, the others being Massapequa F.C., at 3-0-0, and Sporting America, at 2-0-1. 

“We haven’t gotten that many guys who played for the [now-defunct] East Hampton Football Club,” said Araya. “Only Almansa, Jorge Alvarado, and Luis Barrera.”