Winter Awards Recipients

At East Hampton High School
Ethan McCormac was named as East Hampton High’s boys swimming team’s most valuable competitor. Craig Macnaughton Photos

The following received winter season athletic awards at East Hampton High School last week.

Varsity boys basketball: most valuable player, Jack Reese, Bladimir Rodriguez Garces, most improved, and coach’s awardee, Phil Zablotsky.

Varsity boys swimming: most valuable, Ethan McCormac, most improved, Andrew Wilson, and coach’s awardee, Christian Brierley.

Varsity girls basketball: most valuable player, Olivia Brauer, most improved, Alex Rutkowski, and coach’s awardee, Maddie Schenck.

Varsity girls indoor track: most valuable, Danielle Futerman, most improved, Hannah Tuma, and coach’s awardee, Emilie Jiji Kramer.

Varsity boys indoor track: most valuable, Robert Weiss, most improved, Ryan Fowkes, and coach’s awardee, Geo Espinoza.

Varsity cheerleading: most valuable, Jhonelle Richards, most improved, Abigail Welch, and coach’s awardee, Sheryl Hayes.

Varsity dance: most valuable, Lauren Zaino, most improved, Valentina E. Sanchez, and coach’s awardee, Alison Fioriello.

Varsity wrestling: most valuable, Finn Hallissey, most improved, Andreas Koutsogiannis, and coach’s awardee, Vincenzo Salsedo.