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September 25, 1997
Ellen Samuels | September 25, 1997
The oak cabinetry in the kitchen by Bakes and Company featured oversized doors and hardware, even on the fridge. Durell Godfrey, photos
In this house, dining could take place casually, formally, or on a shady porch by Ken Gemes Interior.
The bedroom part of the master bedroom designed by Kemble Interiors.
Ceiling lights had a creative edge this year, as evidenced in this entry foyer lamp chosen by Michael Herold Design.
The butler's pantry, contributed by Old Town Crossing, had a festive air and the cocktail glasses matched the zebra wallpaper.
September 25, 1997
September 25, 1997
Julia C. Mead | September 25, 1997
September 25, 1997
Michelle Napoli | September 25, 1997
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