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Mariyo Yagi, a longtime friend of Jack Larsen, brought the NAWA Axis for Peace project to LongHouse Reserve on May 31. Durell Godfrey
More than 50 volunteers in four groups worked to twist the tubes of fabric into a rope bound around the column.Durell Godfrey
The artist observed and directed as the column took shape.Durell Godfrey
Once completed, the 550-pound column was carried to its site.Yuna Yagi
The column was set into the ground and slowly raised.Durell Godfrey
Ms. Yagi took in the completed column after it was raised.Durell Godfrey
A detail of the top of the column against the skyDurell Godfrey

The Franey family provided the photographs and the stories behind them to the exhibition. They include, from left: Raphaelle Franey, Diane Franey, Jacques Franey, Claudia Franey Jensen, and Nick Jensen. Durell Godfrey, photos
A bird's eye view of one of the Gardiner's Island picnicsEast Hampton Historical Society
Diane Franey with her father's fish poacher
Sylvia Mendelman at the entry to the exhibition
Frank Newbold, Isabel Carmichael, and Richard Barons enjoyed the beautiful weather in the Mimi Meehan Native Plant Garden behind Clinton Academy before the opening.
Mardie Gorman took in the photographs in the exhibition.
Bruce Milne examined the Franey duck press.
Bruce Roberts, Ann Roberts, and Jacques Franey
Peter Garnam followed the photographs.
Richard Mendelman read the wall text.

Victor Slezak as Rothko, center, discusses the function of black with his apprentice Ken, played by Christian Scheider.
Mr. Slezak and Mr. Scheider in a scene that is visually reminiscent of Caravaggio's painting of the "Conversion of Paul," one of the topics of discussion in the play.
Mr. Slezak illustrates a point and borrows another classical painting pose in this scene.

From Christie's E-Catalogue for Andy Warhol's "Race Riot." Christie's

Elizabeth Reaser and Richard Kind, both actors in upcoming Bay Street Theatre productions, flanked Pia Zankel, one of the evening's honorees. Barry Gordin, photos
A larger lineup of attendees included from left: JimmyZankel, Elizabeth Reaser, Scott Schwartz, Pia Zankel, Stewart Lane, Bonnie Comley, and Richard KindBarry Gordin
Also in attendance were, from left: Amy Ma, Andy Sabin, Bonnie Comley, Stewart Lane, Debra Halpert, and John MigotskiBarry Gordin
Ana Daniel, a former honoree, and Frank Filipo at Joe's Pub.Barry Gordin
Elisa Stein and Jenny LynBarry Gordin

"Twins (Homage to Elizabeth Murray)," consists of 60 baked enamel steel plates.
L-R Joy Missonnier, Christine Mathai, Hans Van Bovenkamp, and Mata Hallam attended the opening on Saturday night. Morgan McGivern
Kristin Houdlett and David Perez were part of the crowd at the Jennifer Bartlett members' opening.

William S. Heppenheimer received top honors from Robert Storr at the Guild Hall members show on Saturday. Durell Godfrey, photos
The winners gathered outside after the announcement with members of Guild Hall's staff.
Tracy Jamar won the distinction of best mixed media work.
Linda Miller's "Paperweight" received a honorable mention.
Susan Frame won best sculpture.
Natsaka's "Antikythera," a Venus of Willendorf-like figure stood out in the galleries.
Jeff Muhs won a honorable mention.
Carol Quint found art in many chicken bones in a piece called "Relic."
Michael Malce examined one of the exhibition's smaller sculptures.
Ann Chwatsky earned a honorable mention for her work "My Solar #3."

J. Kelly Caldwell provided the sound effects while Lucas Beck, Joshua Perl, and Molly McKenna read a baseball-themed skit for the sixth installment of the Water's Edge Radio Hour. Jennifer Landes photos
Brad Penuel and Telly Karoussos are Hopefully Forgiven, the house band for the Water's Edge Radio Hour.
The cast mimes a song parody in the "Ethan Talkhouse" open mike night sketch.
Joshua Perl, center, is the host of the program and also plays different roles in the skits. He also reads essays, such as "The Domestic God" from this episode.

Elizabeth Dow caught up with Sam Panton at the opening of her show at Vered gallery on Saturday night. Morgan McGivern
The painting "Still" is in the background of the main photograph.
An installation view of the workMorgan McGivern
Ms. Dow posed for another photo, this time with Kenny Wessberg on the right.Morgan McGivern
Kenna Panton, left, and a guest in front of one of Ms. Dow's water paintings.Morgan McGivern
"Ripple Effect" from 2013
In another part of the gallery Tim Okeeffe, Ferry Foster, and Janet Lehr stood in front of a Weegee composite distortion of Marilyn Monroe and Hunt Slonem's "Bunnies."Morgan McGivern
Damien Roman, an art specialist at the gallery and Meghan Musarra, a gallery associate, stood in front of an Eric Fischl work at the opening.Morgan McGivern