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"Red Light in Puddle" by Sheril Antonio
"Unchain my Heart" by Tina Andrews
"The Bush" by Danny Simmons
"Untitled (Ghana)" by John Pinderhughes
"Tumblers" by Reynolds Ruffin

Some movement will be required of those auditioning, as captured in earlier try outs. Durell Godfrey, photos

The Wynn Las Vegas resort has this stainless steel "Popeye" by Jeff Koons on display, which was purchased at auction in May for more than $28 million. A granite version of this sculpture, at issue in Ronald Perelman's suit, was valued at $4.25 million in 2011. Wynn Las Vegas

"Lunch Money" by Randall Rosenthal will be on view at the Louis Meisel Gallery booth at Art Miami this week.

"Triple Elvis" by Andy Warhol sold for $81.9 million at Christie's auction house on Wednesday. Christie's
Warhol's "Four Marlons" sold for $69.6 million.Christie's
Franz Kline's "Oliver" sold for $25.4 million.Christie's
Willem de Kooning's "Clamdigger" set a record for the artist's bronze sculptures at $29.3 million.Christie's

William and Steven Ladd posed in front of one of their scroll pieces before their performance at the Parrish on Sunday. Durell Godfrey
The sculpture as it stood before the performance beganDurell Godfrey
The Ladds carried over each cube and then unveiled its contents.Durell Godfrey
William Ladd displayed the contents of one of the boxes as the floor piece took shape.Durell Godfrey
The audience stood quiet and fascinated as each cube was revealed.Durell Godfrey
The brothers in a characteristic moment of levityDurell Godfrey
Jason Bush with William Ladd at the reception on SaturdayMorgan McGivern
The Alan Shield exhibition was engaging to adults and children alike.Morgan McGivern
Janet Dees, the curator of SITE Santa Fe, and Jill Brienza, who organized the Shields show on SaturdayMorgan McGivern
Sean McIlraith and Katie DiBella enjoyed the exhibitions and reception.Morgan McGivern

Mary Ellen Bartley celebrated the photography show opening with her husband, David Kozatch, and son Pablo. Durell Godfrey Photos
Several Ralph Gibson photos are featured in the show.
Dorothy Frankel, Anne Seelbach, and Anne Raymond met up at the opening.
Joel Perlman's "Big Train II" was given to Guild Hall by Richard Adrian.
Sometimes art is viewed in the galleries, other times it's created.
Chuck Close's "Self Portrait (anamorphic)," from 2008, was a gift of Mr. and Mrs. George K. Moss. It was made from stainless steel and paper.
Victor Caglioti found his "Celestial Rain," a gift of Alice Root, in the Moran Gallery.
"The Measure of the Fish" by Jeff Muhs, a gift of the artist, was enjoyed by Steve Dickman.
Christina Strassfield chatted with Ellen Frank, who stood by her "Cities of Peace" portfolio of nine prints.
Jack Ceglic with his life-size portrait of Bonnie Munshin from 2012

Myrna and Paul Davis snuggled with Pip. Mr. Davis was the cover artist for ARF's second calendar. Durell Godfrey Photos
Eric Fischl was this year's calendar cover artist and signed copies of it at the party.
The calendar cover
Evan, Hope and Kyle Masi enjoyed Nugget.
Dale Leff, Sandra Powers, and Sara Davison caught up at the party.
Calendar artists past and present posed for a photo. From left, Mr. Fischl, Billy Sullivan, Carol Saxe, and Paul Davis
The Powers House in Water Mill
Linda Warren and Toy
John Bandman and Coco
It was a howling good time.

Randall Rosenthal’s matchbox reveals unexpected treasure. Durell Godfrey Photos
Left, Rocco Liccardi’s “Picasso’s Paint Box” looks as if Jackson Pollock might have had a hand in its facture. Right, Don Saco’s “Imploded Cigar Box” makes deconstruction visible.
Lewis Zack's salute to Ashawagh Hall
Jane Parks' box has a "Girls Gone Wild" theme.
April Gornik's seascape
A box full of oysters (and pearls, perhaps?) by Miriam Dougenis
The sea theme was also popular with John Capello.
A graphic piece by Gabrielle Raacke
Gerson Leiber's abstraction comes in bright summer colors.
Paul Giovanopoulos' box has just as much inside as outside.