This year, LongHouse’s arts committee has made some bold and dramatic selections well suited for the unique environment.
Michelle and Melissa Vega enjoyed Sui Jianguo’s “Legacy Mantle (Mao Jacket)” at LongHouse on Saturday. Jennifer Landes
Kiki Smith’s “Women With Sheep” lie among the green leaves of a planted bed at LongHouse. Jennifer Landes
Grace Knowlton's "Spheres" in the dunesJennifer Landes
Takashi Soga "Eye of the Ring" from 2007Jennifer Landes
As long as the frost doesn't bite, many of the thousands of daffodils planted at LongHouse should be in their glory on Saturday.Jennifer Landes
Yue Minjun's "Contemporary Chinese Warriors" from 2005

“Illumination: Revealing the Secret Chemistry of Oil Paintings”
Brookhaven National Lab’s National Synchotron Light Source II, above, has been helpful in identifying how paint deteriorates over time. Its extremely bright X-rays were recently used to analyze a sample from this Jan Van Eyck diptych, below, of “The Crucifixion” and “The Last Judgment,” from about 1440 to 1441, in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection.

Brenda Simmons is the executive director of the Southampton African American Museum, whose future home was the site of a barber shop and beauty salon that were gathering spots for the East End’s African-American community for 50 years. Mark Segal
Siamak Samii, a Southampton-based architect, has designed the renovation of the Southampton African American Museum. The exterior, top, adheres to the footprint, materials, and scale of the original building. The interior, below, originally divided between a barbershop and beauty salon, will be reconfigured into a flexible space for exhibitions, presentations, and educational projects. Siamak Samii

Local Art News

Dealer, lecturer, and art market chronicler
The installation of Kenny Schachter’s “Retrospective” exhibition is dizzying in its collection of images, objects, and voluminous words. Rental Gallery
Damien Hirst’s decapitated head is a contemporary reference to Greek myth and centuries-old paintings and sculptures as well as his own art. Kenny Schachter/Rental Gallery

A documentary by Susan Lacy
Leonard Bernstein PBS/American Masters

Bodies engaged in focused but enigmatic tasks in the landscape
Soren Hope’s recent paintings depict human bodies in situations of myopic attention, in this case checking for ticks.

An English theater company will perform Shakespeare's comedy

Songs from "Caberet," "Chicago," and more

New show at Bay Street
Judy Carmichael and her quartet will perform on Sunday at Bay Street.