The actress has appeared in at least 40 film and television productions.
Emily Mortimer’s Amagansett style is as laid back and low key as her life here, devoted mostly to swimming and family. Durell Godfrey

As chairman, Mickey Straus oversaw the renovation of the museum, theater, education center, and administration offices and led the capital campaign to finance that work
Guild Hall elected a new board chairman, Marty Cohen.
Guild Hall bade a fond farewell to Mickey Straus, seen with Ruth Appelhof and Michelle Murphy Strada, right, who was commissioned to paint Guild Hall for Mr. Straus as a retirement present. Barbara Jo Howard and Durell Godfrey Photos

Local art news
The work of John Koch is featured in “Between Realities,” a new show at the Peter Marcelle Gallery in Bridgehampton.

By Michael Z. Jody
Simon Van Booy Renaud Monfourny
The film, “The Short Game,” was the South by Southwest Film Festival’s 2013 Audience Award winner for best documentary feature
Josh Greenbaum, inset left, directed “The Short Game,” a cinematic documentary about very young golf competitors, including Augustin Valery from Paris, a grandson of Paul Valery, the French poet. Phase 4/Samuel Goldwyn

The Bay Street Theatre

Events at Guild Hall

“County of Kings” is a story of recognition and redemption
Lemon Andersen brings his one-man show, “County of Kings,” to Guild Hall next Thursday.

A close confidant to John Lennon, the art student/bohemian/reluctant musician seemed destined for greatness in the realm of visual art
An untitled work by Stuart Sutcliffe circa 1959

You will laugh until you beg for mercy, and then you will laugh some more
Peter Scolari, at left, barely manages to reject the charms of the Geminae Twins, Shiloh Goodin and Phoebe Pearl, as the buyer and seller of courtesans, Laurent Giroux, looks on. Lenny Stucker