“Cool, hip tunes and good energy”
Claes Brondal, the father of the Jam Session in Sag Harbor, was joined in an off-season jazz jam by Bryan Campbell on guitar, Dick Behrke on trumpet, and Peter Martin Weiss on bass. Carrie Ann Salvi

By Eric Salzman
A chamber ensemble accompanied the Choral Society of the Hamptons on Sunday. Durell Godfrey
Everyday existence around the fairs became an immersive, surreal fantasy world where everything experienced was the product of someone else’s imagination.
The Wynwood Walls, a mural installation that has transformed a dilapidated warehouse district in Miami, is always a mecca during Art Basel week and was mobbed on Saturday night. Jennifer Landes

By Susan Pashman
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The show will include the artist’s large-scale, site-specific photographic tapestries
John Messinger, whose aggregations of Polaroid images were shown by Karen Boltax, above, at the Miami Project last week, will be showing work at the Watermill Center on Saturday. Jennifer Landes

Members of the artistic community such as Elaine Benson, Priscilla Bowman, Howard Kanovitz, and Jeffrey Potter hosted shows where artists came on and discussed their lives and work
Genie Henderson Jennifer Landes

The festival brought some of the most respected names in documentary filmmaking to Sag Harbor
Susan Lacy, center, was joined by, from left, Jamie Bernstein, Roger Sherman, Susan Makepeace, and Michael Epstein at an event in Ms. Lacy’s honor at the Bay Street Theatre in Sag Harbor Saturday night. Jennifer Landes

Ms. Chaisson founded Dirty Rice Films in 2002 and has served in a fund-raising and development capacity for a number of entertainment nonprofits