Friday night at 8, the band will return to the Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett
Dave Horn, left, and Peter Landi are the Glazzies, a band that recently signed to Old Flame Records. They will perform at the Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett tomorrow night.

It has been argued that Dogme95 was the first serious challenge to cinematic orthodoxy since the French New Wave
Richie Duque, above left, a cinematographer, discussed a scene with David Rysdahl and Shaun Licata, the actors, and Jill Campbell, right, the director of one of the Dogme film projects. Below, Magdalene Brandeis and Lenny Crooks posed in front of a mural-sized matrix outlining the production details of the seven Dogme films. Mark Segal Photos
Richie Duque filmed Shaun Licata while Toni Sideco took sound and Jill Campbell, the director, looked on. Mark Segal

Each gallery approaches this in its own way, offering “gems” in the case of Grenning Gallery, or “invitationals” like Romany Kramoris, or a “salon” like Drawing Room
An installation of works in the Ille Arts Holiday Show in Amagansett.
An older wire sculpture by Monica Banks stands out in one section of the show.
Paper bowls, deconstructed baby shoes, and a print are all part of the variety of subjects and mediums on view.

Local book news

At Guild Hall

The 2015 festival will take place Oct. 8-12, 2015, through Dec. 31

At the Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor

Amber Hawk Swanson during a live web stream from the Watermill Center on Thursday
For the past 35 years, the couple has been as integral to the East Hampton art community as anybody, if not more so
Bill King and Connie Fox recounted their early days, their time together, and their contributions to LTV at their house recently. The portraits behind the piano were painted by John Hardy. Morgan McGivern

By Adam Judd
Dominic Inferrera, Nils Neubert, Charlene Marcinko, and Darynn Zimmer were the featured soloists at the Choral Society of the Hamptons’ winter concert on Sunday in Bridgehampton. Durell Godfrey
On Sunday, the Choral Society of the Hamptons offered a fine performance of Bach’s Magnificat in D major, an “extremely demanding” piece for the voice. Durell Godfrey