She spoke of finding her various inspirations as somewhat magical events
Mary Ellen Bartley visits the beach every morning with her dog, and takes pictures when she is not throwing a ball. Durell Godfrey

Mr. Breslin’s film is provocative, but in unexpected ways
Kevin Breslin’s “#whilewewatch,” a documentary about the Occupy Wall Street movement, was shown at Guild Hall last Thursday. Ed Mendoza

’60s Classic Redux
Brooke Alexander plays the iconic Mrs. Robinson with Bethany Dellapolla as her daughter, Elaine, in “The Graduate.” Tom Kochie

The artist was known for his use of discarded objects and “low” materials
“Kandor Bottle 13,” a video projection from 2007, will be in an exhibition of Mike Kelley’s works opening at the Watermill Center during its benefit on Saturday night. Deichtorhallen Hamburg/Sammlung Falckenberg

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By Ellen T. White
Virginia Stephen with Clive Bell at Studland Bay in Dorset, England, in 1910.
Full of humanity and reverence
Monica Banks’s East Hampton studio is chaotic, but she enjoys the role chance plays in her “Cloud” series. Manuel Fernandez-Casteleiro

Ms. Eaton sang selections from her eighth and newest album, “Go West.”
Inda Eaton performed songs from her new CD, “Go West,” last Thursday at the Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett. She is getting ready for a cross-country tour in September. Carrie Ann Salvi