Spring flowering will probably be extravagant and lush
Crocuses need only a little sun after the snow melts to encourage their full bloom.
Snowdrops, which in some years never see the white stuff, proved their name this year, peeking out from the accumulated drifts of a rough South Fork winter
Abby Jane Brody and Steven Kossak Photos

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Local auditions

At the Bridgehampton Museum’s Archive Building

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Mr. Dylan committing what to some of the folk purists who revered him was sacrilege
Michael Weiskopf, center, will lead his group, the Complete Unknowns, in a tribute to Bob Dylan and the Band.

Local art news

'How to translate the subject into the medium of paint in such a way that it has the power, rhythm, and elegance of music.'
Adrian Nivola may be known here primarily for his sculptures inspired by early aviation, but he has always pursued painting as well. Ashley Smith

The Bridgehampton Chamber Music Festival will inaugurate a new venture, called BCMF Spring, with two Sunday concerts on March 22 and April 26
The Miro Quartet will play in Bridgehampton in April.

“A Chorus Line”
Hopeful background dancers vie for eight coveted spots on Broadway in the Center Stage production of “A Chorus Line” at the Southampton Cultural Center. Durell Godfrey
Mirrors reflected Michael Disher, the director of “A Chorus Line,” one of the dancers, and the new raised seating in the Southampton Cultural Center’s theater. Durell Godfrey

At Bridge Gardens in Bridgehampton