A memorable visual experience
Charles Yver. Jenny Gorman Photos
Antonia Munroe, left, Theodore Olivier, right.
French wallpaper designs, left, Sue Heatley, right.
Jennifer Bartlett’s “Nevis, January #1,” a pastel from 2008, is mixed in with works from the gallery’s last show featuring Robert Dash, Jane Freilicher, Fairfield Porter, and Jane Wilson. Gary Mamay

Local Art News
A replica of an AR-15 made from children's books will be part of “America on Fire: A Politically Incorrect Show” at the White Room Gallery.

The Shelter Island Presbyterian Church's first concert will be a sing-in of Handel's "Messiah."

The Summer Music School offers seven-week residencies to gifted young players

Alexis Rockman Mark Segal
Alexis Rockman has been very active at the Parrish Art Museum on the occasion of the installation of his “East End Field Drawings” exhibition. During the week of Dec. 14, he led a number workshops for students and their families at the museum.Mark Segal
Alexis Rockman’s “Newtown Creek” shows a dystopian future experienced more in the artist’s head than out in the field.

Last summer’s “Grey Gardens,” a big production on Broadway that was modified for Bay Street’s intimate setting, will serve as a model for “My Fair Lady” in 2016. Lenny Stucker

“Flying Point Impression #4B” by Daniel Jones is an example of the photographer’s abstracted work in color.

Laurie Anderson and her dog, Lolabelle, in "From the Air," an earlier project inspired by her dog. Laurie Anderson

Nancy Atlas