Mick Hargreaves' full recovery lead him and his band to the Stephen Talkhouse stage in Amagansett.
Mick Hargreaves practiced in his studio with members of his band, the King Guys, last weekend. Carrie Ann Salvi

Exhibition conceived as an East Coast contribution to the dialogue started last year in Southern California
Tony Berlant’s “Sandy,” a sculpture from 1964, left, is part of the “Places” section of the “EST-3” exhibition and shown in an installation, right, at the Parrish Art Museum in Southampton. Gary Mamay Photos

By Elizabeth Rogers
The Choral Society of the Hamptons’ spring concert on March 18 featured three centuries of music. Durell Godfrey
Arts and Culture events

Deborah Black’s new series of acrylic-on-paper works will be on view in the “Spring Quintet” show opening today at the Southampton Cultural Center.

By Sheridan Sansegundo
Anka Muhlstein Bettina Strauss
Bonnie Grice plays the sensual Emilie, a courtesan and one of Valmont’s mistresses. Tom Kochie

By Jeane Bice
Corwith Farm,” an oil-and-canvas painting by Aubrey Grainger, will be on view at Pritam & Eames in a show called “Art at Home” beginning this weekend.