Perle Fine working in her Springs studio. Her “Cool Series” of paintings, completed between 1961 and 1963, includes, below left to right, “Cool Series (Black Over Green),” “Cool Series (Blue Over Red),” and “Cool Series, No. 29, Cool Blue/Cold Green.” Maurice Berezov

By Hazel Kahan
Ms. Daniels performs her own.
When she’s not recording the music of others, Ms. Daniels performs her own.

Young Masai men perform a traditional warrior dance.
Young Masai men perform a traditional warrior dance. Kenny Mann’s earliest years were spent on her father’s cattle ranch on Masai land at the Athi River in Kenya.

Nick Tarr is one of the photographers participating in the “Suddenly December” show opening this week in Southampton. ©Nick Tarr

Chuck Yeager is the subject a new documentary by John Chimples (inset).

By Stephen Rosen
Dava Sobel
A centennial celebration of Jackson Pollock in Nagoya, Japan, features a recreation of his Springs studio, including the paint-strewn floor, paint cans, and brushes. Joe Nichols

Michael Disher will direct his first radio play for Peconic Public Broadcasting with “A Christmas Carol,” the first broadcast of which will be tomorrow at 4 p.m. on 88.3 FM.