“Riding on a smile and a shoeshine” in Sag Harbor
"Death of a Salesman" in rehearsal in Northampton with Joe Minutillo directing Meg Sexton

Local Art News
Robert Schwarz's "Starbridges" are three-dimensional mandalas made from wire, monofilament, aluminum, hardware, and sometimes fluorescent lights.

The gap between fine and applied art

At the Southampton Arts Center

Former East Hampton musician celebrates 80

New records and high visibility for artists associated with the East End
“Campbell’s Soup I,” a complete portfolio of Andy Warhol’s soup can series from 1968, sold at Sotheby’s auction house last week for $850,000. Sotheby’s

From Cambodia to a chicken flying contest
Hugh Patrick Brown, center, on location in Cham Village in Vietnam.
Frank Langella posed with Edward Gorey during the 1977 Broadway production of “Dracula.” Hugh Patrick Brown
A photograph Hugh Patrick Brown took in a Chinese factory in 1981 has the look of a Vermeer painting.

Upon hearing the title of the play — “Boeing Boeing” — younger audiences might ask, “What, what?”
Dane DuPuis, John Leonard, and Catherine Maloney in “Boeing Boeing” at the Southampton Cultural Center. Dane DuPuis

“Syd Solomon: Time and Tide,”
An installation shot of the Syd Solomon “Time and Tide” exhibition, with “Tidaltoss,” from 1977, in the foreground.
Syd Solomon’s “Seasight (Tall Ships at Newport),” from 1976, left, and “Yellowrole,” from 1978, on adjoining walls at the Berry Campbell Gallery in Manhattan.

At the Old Whalers Church
Mary Hubbell, a soprano, will present "Bach to Broadway," a show of classical music and modern standards.