For quality works in Sag Harbor, there is no shortage of space
The Dodds and Eder Sculpture Garden Carrie Ann Salvi

They are determined to reinvent the way classical music is presented
The Salomé Chamber Orchestra will feature a variety of musical genres in a variety of venues, beginning with Guild Hall on Aug. 26.

By Bernard Goldhirsch
The call of modern dance was undeniable
The Taylor 2 Dance Company will appear at Guild Hall on Saturday. Tom Caravaglia

In a light rain, Georgia Luch, the founder and director of the troupe, performed with another swimmer, Emily Terwelp
Two Eau La La Entertainment swimmers, Georgia Luch, at right, the founder of the troupe, and Emily Terwelp, left, posed with Lynn Sherr, the author of “Swim,” on Saturday night. Joanne Pilgrim Photos

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Local art news
Jill Musnicki’s “what comes around” art project, which captures the actions of creatures wild and tame, will open tomorrow at the Bridgehampton Historical Society.

Pollock was exposed to Orozco at the New School in New York City
The completed Orozco mural which is at Dartmouth College.

One might be hard-pressed to argue that Shakespeare wrote a more appropriate script to match high season on the overheated South Fork.
Clodagh Bowyer appears as Hippolyta and as the fairy queen Titania in Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer’s Night Dream.” David E. Rattray

I wondered how such excitement could at the same time be so delicate
Stefan Jackiw, violin, Cynthia Phelps, viola, Michael Nicholas, cello, and John Snow, oboe, performed Mozart’s Oboe Quartet at the Bridgehampton Chamber Music Festival last Thursday. Sunny Khalsa