Bay Street Theatre's second annual Honors Benefit

The Bridgehampton Historical Society’s Parlor Jazz Concert

At St. Luke's Hoie Hall

At Guild Hall

At the Sara Nightingale Gallery

A film about a tiny island in Alaska that appears destined to be one of North America’s first victims of climate change
A Kivalina islander dropped a seal carcass into the water after a June 2011 hunt, one of many traditions Gina Abatemarco experienced on visits to the tiny Alaskan island during the making of her documentary “Kivalina People.” Gina Abatemarco

Local art news
Toni Ross, left, joined Laurie Lambrecht and Carol Grove at a reception at the Drawing Room gallery in East Hampton on Saturday. Morgan McGivern

By Gary Reiswig
Bright Lights, Big Cuvée: Jay McInerney, the man with the best gig in the world — wine columnist. David Howells
Springs Community Theater actors soar above the stage
The Darling children, from left, Paula Guerra, Colin Freedman, and Dillon Andrada, watched Peter Pan, played by Jayne Freedman, take flight. Durell Godfrey

A Polaroid image of Little Edie taken by Andy Warhol in 1976
Fans of Andy Warhol and Little Edie alike should spark interest in this Polaroid image taken by Warhol in 1976 for sale tomorrow at Christie’s.