Scott Chaskey stood in an unheated greenhouse at Quail Hill, with rows of lettuce, baby spinach, and oriental greens for the winter share. Heather Dubin

Kate Mueth in character at Pussy’s Pond Morgan McGivern

The committee includes, from left, Dru Raley, the Rev. Tony Larson, and Cynthia Loewen. Morgan McGivern

By Thomas Bohlert
The 1902 Moller pipe organ at the former Sag Harbor Methodist Church will, with luck, have a new home. Morgan McGivern
The Hampton Gospel Sextet rehearsed together for the first time on Saturday for a show this Sunday. Members include, from left, Raphael Blandon, Barbara Person, John Lewis, Lorraine Allston, Diane Westbrook, and Ethel Riddick. Carrie Ann Salvi Photos

By William Roberson
Who watches the watchman? Well, Facebook, on which there’s a page devoted to monitoring and weighing in on the advice Philip Galanes doles out. Durell Godfrey