Events at Guild Hall

“County of Kings” is a story of recognition and redemption
Lemon Andersen brings his one-man show, “County of Kings,” to Guild Hall next Thursday.

A close confidant to John Lennon, the art student/bohemian/reluctant musician seemed destined for greatness in the realm of visual art
An untitled work by Stuart Sutcliffe circa 1959

You will laugh until you beg for mercy, and then you will laugh some more
Peter Scolari, at left, barely manages to reject the charms of the Geminae Twins, Shiloh Goodin and Phoebe Pearl, as the buyer and seller of courtesans, Laurent Giroux, looks on. Lenny Stucker

Events at Guild Hall

Scott Schwartz is a graduate of Harvard University and a member of the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society

14 short surf movies filmed from Montauk to Westhampton

For the auction, chaired by Arlene Bujese, some 100 artists have transformed cigar boxes into personal statements of their creative vision
Almost 100 artists have contributed their interpretations of the cigar box, including Daniel Pollera.

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December 11, 1997