The Parrish Art Museum has a full schedule

The academy honors summer and year-round East End residents who have continuously excelled over the years in their chosen fields

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Local art news
Syd Solomon’s “Acralode,” an oil painting from 1971, is on view at Spanierman Modern in New York City through Feb. 9.

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Only good luck was in the air at the Friday night debut of William Shakespeare’s bloody masterpiece
The haunted, bloodlusting soul of Macbeth, played by Jeff Keogh, is teased and taunted by Dianne Benson and Bonnie Grice as two of the three witches he meets on the Scottish heath. Durell Godfrey

Smart and elegant
Barbara Jo Howard is part of the rotating ensemble cast of “Love, Loss, and What I Wore.” Tom Kochie

For both the plays and films, he tries to address “a hypocrisy, a paradox. a frustration, a social ill that I believe is still being discussed.”
Christian Scheider is offering several programs at the Amagansett and John Jermain libraries this winter. Jennifer Landes

The exhibition includes work that is gestural and full of color and linear movement
“Push,” by Robert Richenburg, is on view at the David Findlay Jr. Gallery in New York City.

Local culture news