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A talented cast channels the words of Joe Pintauro in a gripping production of “Men’s Lives.” Barry Gordin

“A Maid’s Room” was written and directed by Michael Walker
“The Maid’s Room,” a film set on the South Fork, plays on the tensions between year-rounders and city folk.

A jack of all decorative trades and master of most
See the beautiful inlaid stone tabletop? No, you don’t. That’s Brian Leaver and the tabletop he painted to look like stone. Sunny Khalsa

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Local culture news

It shouldn’t be a problem to stay busy supporting worthy organizations this month

By Ellen T. White
Donald Sultan’s “Rouge Poppies April 25 2012,” in conté on paper, is part of a solo show of primarily works on paper at the Drawing Room in East Hampton. Adam Reich
Local art news
Casey Chalem Anderson discussed her work with a visitor at a previous Artists Alliance of East Hampton studio tour.

The first production of “Men’s Lives” struck a chord in the heart of the South Fork community
In rehearsal for “Men’s Lives,” which returns to the Bay Street Theatre next week, were Brian Hutchinson, Peter McRobbie, and Rob DiSario, with Harris Yulin, the director, right, and Scott Thomas Hinson and Deborah Hedwall in the background. Barry Gordin