The always-brilliant installation skills of the gallery directors, Emily Goldstein and Victoria Munroe, make the artwork sing in ways that are surprising and delightful
Rather than using a pithy title or a long think piece to connote the seriousness of the exhibition, the Drawing Room let the art speak for itself with this grouping of work by, from left, Mel Kendrick, Antonio Asis, and Alan Shields.
"Blue Crate" by Mel Kendrick
"Homan-ji III (1D)" from 1995 by Jennifer Bartlett
"Actors Colony #3" from 2014 by Dan Rizzie
John Alexander's "Oyster" from 2013

A new and improved 90-minute version under the impeccable direction of the multi-talented Joe Minutillo
The cast of “To Kill a Mockingbird” assembled in the courtroom. Some of the play’s tearful scenes are infectious, so bring tissues. Lenny Stucker photos
Chauncey Thomas, Rob DiSario, and Al Bundonis in the courtroom.
Chloe Dirksen as the grown-up Scout
Thomas Schiavoni, Jemma Kosanke, Carolyn Popp, and Hudson Troy

At the Clinton Academy

At Guild Hall

Local art news

Kevin Kline as the Prince of Denmark
Raul Julia as Macheath in the Brecht-Weill play

In a still from "Banksy Does New York," Stephan Keszler sits at his desk in his booth at Art Southampton this past July with "Sphinx" in the foreground. HBO
Banksy’s “Sphinx” sculpture was prominently displayed at the Keszler Gallery booth during the Art Southampton fair’s V.I.P. opening in July, with Stephan Keszler in the background, far left, and his gallery manager, Chris Arnold, in the foreground. Jennifer Landes
Stephan Keszler brought his Banksy works to Art Silicon Valley recently.Keszler Gallery
The heart balloon Banksy put on a wall in Red Hook sold at Art Silicon ValleyKeszler Gallery
Mr. Keszler also has the car door from the day 9 installation Banksy put on the Lower East Side.Keszler Gallery
In a scene from “Banksy Does New York,” a Bronx wall that once displayed his rendering of a leopard-like cat with a coat composed of graffiti is shown scrubbed of itHBO
A crowd scene at one of Banksy's installations from the filmHBO
A truck door from day 26 is also being sold by Stephan Keszler.Keszler Gallery

A performance of the Round Table Theatre Company’s “Hamlet” at Guild Hall
Evan Daves plays Laertes in “Hamlet” at Guild Hall. Barbara Jo Howard
Tristan Vaughan considers the skull of “poor Yorick” in “Hamlet.” Barbara Jo Howard

A project of the Box Collective

At the Southampton Cultural Center