A six-time Grammy Award-winning trumpeter turns 70 on Nov. 27
Randy Brecker, a trumpeter who lives in East Hampton, will celebrate his 70th birthday on Nov. 27 with a gig at B.B. King Blues Club and Grill in Manhattan.

The Springs Theater Company was founded in 2005 by Jayne Freedman and Barbara Mattson
Richard Browning, Anna Schiavoni, James Zay, and Jack Crimmins enjoyed a break during rehearsals for “The Wizard of Oz.” Richard Lewin

Cirkus Cirkor was founded in 1995 by Tilde Bjorfors
Aino Ihanainen performed in the woods outside the Watermill Center while Alexander Weibel played a haunting violin. Mark Segal
Saara Ahola entwined herself in a rope as she descended from the courtyard’s high ceiling. Mark Segal

A show featuring three South Fork artists: Anna Franklin, Ruby Jackson, and Diane Marxe
A grouping of works by Ruby Jackson demonstrates the wide variety of subject matter and materials the artist employs in her work. Jennifer Landes

Local art news

At the Southampton Cultural Center

At Christ Episcopal Church

At Guild Hall

The artist is known for his painterly, almost photo-realist style works
“Indian Wells Classic” captures the quiet simplicity of Amagansett in earlier days.
In “Clam Bar,” Lew Zacks took an approach to his subject that he usually reserved for urban settings, focusing on the piling up of signs on the roadside stand.

At the Montauk School auditorium.