A work conceived and directed by Lloyd Newson and produced by London’s DV8 Physical Theatre

At the East Hampton Presbyterian Church

Local art news

A body of work that is constantly reinventing itself
Gavin Zeigler in his Shelter Island studio, a former gas station on North Ferry Road. Mark Segal
“Predator #1” was inspired by a fishing boat with an aggressive prow that was docked at Greenport. Tom Young
A close look at “Circuit Breaker” reveals the canceled payroll checks that have been glued to the surface, painted, and sanded. Gary Mamay

Featuring the work of 14 artists, the group seems like a mixed bag, but Tripoli Patterson, the show’s curator, has found subtle but resonant affinities between them
Yung Jake’s “Pinar Water With Rusted Metal,” left, features vinyl wrap on found metal. It is on view with “Resin Series: Red Zinnia 1”, right, by Darius Yektai.
"Assemblage Malfunction Silky Smooth," 2014 by Dylan Lynch is more than 7 feet long.
Nathalie Shepherd's "Surfer Cats" from last year

Rare footage of the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and Jimi Hendrix
The HooDoo Loungers will perform in several events at Bay Street Theater in the coming weeks, including “The Beatles vs. the Rolling Stones” on Feb. 7.
A scene from the latest "Legends" film compilation
Last year's New Orleans party at Bay Street
A mardi gras reveler

At the John Drew Theater Lab at Guild Hall
Rebecca Schull

At the East Hampton Presbyterian Church

The pitfalls, pauses, and the effects on the entire family as mothers and daughters face myriad pre-wedding day choices
Linda Aydinian and Rebecca Edana Michael Disher photos
A group portrait of the cast
Holly Marie Dunn, Stephanie Grady, Tom Gregory, Rebecca Edana, and April Schiavoni
The moms, as played by Susan Cincotta, Joan Lyons, Karin Greene, Frances Sherman, and Linda Aydinian, look appalled in this scene.
Rebecca Edana and April Schiavoni play blushing brides in the play

Local art news
Jack Lenor Larsen will speak at the Parrish tomorrow. Durell Godfrey