“Heading Out” by Tracy Davis is at the Golden Eagle art supply store in East Hampton through the end of the month.

In Richard Prince’s exhibit at Guild Hall, “Covering Pollock,” he literally covers well-known photographs of the artist with repeated images of musicians, celebrities, pornography, and even Pollock himself.

Russell Drumm

Aftermath of the fall of the World Trade Center towers
John Jonas Gruen’s “View of Ground Zero,” from September 2001, is one of several photographs he took around the city in the aftermath of the fall of the World Trade Center towers.

Nicholas Weber’s exhibit “Unpainting” will be at the Tripoli Gallery

For his show at Guild Hall Sunday, the multi-talented performer will include song, comedy, and some surprises for sure

Dan Rizzie, left, with Tad Wiley and Ross Watts in front of Mr. Wiley’s painting during the installation of “Artists Choose Artists” on Aug. 18 Jennifer Landes
By Michael Z. Jody
Paul Lisicky
Paul Lisicky Star Black
“Damaris,” one of Lola Montes Schnabel’s iodine portraits, has the look and demeanor of a 1940s film actor.