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“Ritual in Silence” by Nathalie Shepherd (shown in detail) will be on view at the Tripoli Gallery of Contemporary Art’s “Footprints” show opening on Saturday in Southampton.

The shop building, complete with a functioning forge, was originally built from local oaks in about 1790
The Southampton Historical Museum’s blacksmith shop, seen here in 2009, was destroyed last summer and has been in the process of being rebuilt since Halloween. The images below show how it looked in its original location around 1880, and at the museum property in 2000 and today. Southampton Historical Museum Photos

On Saturday, artists, writers, family, and friends will read her poetry.
Anne Porter, 2007

“We’re trying to realize the vision of the original piece."
Peter-Tolin Baker designed a foam-core model of the set, which is now being built at the Bridgehampton Community House. PTB Design Services

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Local art news
Tea at the Manor, First Forsythia” by Pingree Louchheim is on view at Romany Kramoris Gallery in Sag Harbor.

Fast talkers at Parrish
Marilee Foster shared a new way of scaring away farm critters or attracting fetishists at the second “Lightning Round” at the Parrish last week. Carrie Ann Salvi

Regional art news

Local art news
Thomas Cardone’s “Shelter Island Fall” is on view at the Grenning Gallery in Sag Harbor through the end of the month.