There is some deep, dark stuff going down, both on the surface and below, but there is more gritty strength here than self-pity or melancholy
Judith Hudson’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” series incorporates many cross-species couplings, such as in this “I will roar you as ‘twere any nightingale” watercolor on paper.
Judith Hudson’s “I know a bank where the wild thyme blows,” a watercolor drawing from this year, was made into a limited edition of polyester floor pieces.

The Complete Unknowns recently appeared at events marking Mr. Dylan’s 73rd birthday
The Complete Unknowns, featuring Michael Weiskopf on guitar, harmonica, and vocals, will perform the music of Bob Dylan on Wednesday at Guild Hall.

At the Old Whalers Church in Sag Harbor

Concertgoers have been encouraged to bring coolers, picnic suppers, blankets, and lawn chairs for seating

At the Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill

An action-packed week of art and culture leading up to the July 4 holiday weekend

The program includes Leonard Bernstein’s most significant sacred work, “Chichester Psalms,”

Local art news

Ted Porter stood along side his purple martin condo, which won third prize in Madoo's birdhouse competition. Durell Godfrey
Scott Bluedorn and Kristen Miller enjoyed the Robert Dash exhibition during Much Ado about Madoo on June 14.Morgan McGivern
Mr. Porter, left, stood with the first prize winner Lucas Cowart and Damon Hamilton, who won honorable mention. They were joined by Alejandro Seralugui, the director of Madoo.Durell Godfrey
From left, Rebecca Costanzo, Jenny Kononenko, Ryan Vanderhovel, and Brad Smith were part of a team that designed the towhee house, which can be seen in the center.Durell Godfrey
Fernanda Niven and Nicky Goodman had fun with a ram during Much Ado. At the market, Merritt Piro and Phil Piro, her brother, introduced shoppers to their Captains Neck & Co. sodas.Morgan McGivern
Lucas Cowart with his winning birdhouse on June 7.Durell Godfrey

These glistening rocks and minerals by Eric Cahan are actually soaps ($14) Debra Scott
Artist-commissioned yoga mats ($80)Debra Scott
A Versa Table by Chen Chen and Kai Williams is comprised of a universal base and interchangeable pieces of art that serve as either tabletops or wall hangings $15,000).Debra Scott
A tabletop-wall hanging for the Versa TableDebra Scott
Philip Estlund Genus chair with coral collage ($3,600)
Soft sculptures mimicking art magazinesDebra Scott
Smiley face tafetta tote Debra Scott