Edward Hibbert and Christine Ebersole at Ten Chimneys

Faith Middleton, center, spoke with Max Scott and Vera Graaf, documentary filmmakers, about their latest project last week as part of her new series of interviews on the East End. Jennifer Landes

Catherine Hiller Warnow, left, and Regina Weinreich with Paul Bowles in Tangier in 1988 during the filming of their documentary on the writer and musician Samantha Heilweil

Alec Baldwin

Laurie Lambrecht’s “Hello, Southampton (#2)” is an archival pigment print taken from a negative photographed in Roy Lichtenstein’s studio in 1990.

Sandra McConnell and Sharon Zambrelli
Sandra McConnell and Sharon Zambrelli paused in front of the new Animal Rescue Fund Thrift Store addition this month with some items going into the store’s designer showhouse opening event. Durell Godfrey

Salloch Watercolor
Heinz Emil Salloch’s watercolors, such as“Montauk Village,” are being brought to the attention of South Fork historians and other mavens of local lore by Karen Dorothee Peters, a curator of the collection.

Kris Warrenburg worked on her study for a painting of the hills of Northern California in her Springs studio recently. Morgan McGivern