Local art news
Rose Zelenetz will show mixed-media work among pieces by Tracy Jamar, Sara Coe, Pam Collins Foccarino, and Ruby Jackson in the “Under the Influence” exhibition at Ashawagh Hall in Springs this weekend.

Ross Watts took a break from his unheated studio with his daughter Penelope, age 7, in the living room of his house in Noyac. Morgan McGivern
“Journey to the East” consists of 11 plaster cubes in each of which a Herman Hesse novel is encased.
"Trip Tick Trick Pick"

Jackson Pollock held his pet crow, Caw-Caw, in his Springs studio in 1947. “Alchemy,” the painting on the floor, was stretched on his mother’s quilting frame. Part of the frame was recently discovered in Pollock's garage during a restoration project. Herbert Matter
A blown-up image of Jackson Pollock at work on “Alchemy” in his studio is placed near the newly cleaned painting at an exhibition in Venice.
Paint cans from Pollock's studio are part of the Venetian exhibition.

“Brahms in Love” should remind its audience why the composer’s funeral cortege attracted thousands of mourners on the streets of Vienna in 1897
The Choral Society of the Hamptons during a warm up session Durell Godfrey
Michael C. Haigler and Arielle Levioff, a married couple, will play four-hand piano as part of the concert.
Jennifer Scott Miceli will be the guest conductor.

A work of grand historical importance
Shonn McCloud, Juanita Frederick, Ben Schnickel, Joe Pallister, Rebecca Edana, and Anette Michelle Sanders portray different roles in Acts I and II. Tom Kochie

Spring flowering will probably be extravagant and lush
Crocuses need only a little sun after the snow melts to encourage their full bloom.
Snowdrops, which in some years never see the white stuff, proved their name this year, peeking out from the accumulated drifts of a rough South Fork winter
Abby Jane Brody and Steven Kossak Photos

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Local auditions

At the Bridgehampton Museum’s Archive Building

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Mr. Dylan committing what to some of the folk purists who revered him was sacrilege
Michael Weiskopf, center, will lead his group, the Complete Unknowns, in a tribute to Bob Dylan and the Band.