At the Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor

Toasts, part of the African American oral tradition, are narratives of often urban and always heroic events, traditionally performed in pool halls, bars, and prisons

Local art news

As in all homegrown events that began casually and humbly, the Hamptons could not leave the game alone
Randall Rosenthal’s trompe l’oeil sculpture “Sweet Memories” looks like a scrapbook but is actually carved from wood and painted.

“Contact” is a dialogue between two artists whose lives and vision have become entwined
In “Protein Painting 3‚” from this year, Gregory Edwards replicates actual protein structures and embellishes them with his own mark making.
Alisa Baremboym’s “Strainer Suspension,” from 2014, has both an implied aesthetic and a utilitarian purpose that appears to be confounded or thwarted.

While much was made of Gaga’s collaboration with Jeff Koons, a more satisfying union has occurred with Robert Wilson
Andrea Solari’s “Head of St. John the Baptist” has been co-opted by Robert Wilson for his series of video portraits of Lady Gaga.

The exhibition will include 22 works from important private and public collections that illuminate a portion of Motherwell’s work that is not well known or often exhibited
Robert Motherwell’s early paintings sought to reconcile abstraction with Surrealism. Above, “In Beige With Sand” (1945), Below, “Black Figuration on Blue” (1950). St. Louis Art Museum, Grand Rapids Art Museum
“Mural Fragment” (1950). University of Minnesota

A two-act tour de force
As J.T., Kathleen Elizabeth Monteleone, front and center, belts it out with a chorus of street people, at least in the imagination of the man whose life is a musical. Jerry Lamonica

A 20-minute succession of tableaux-vivants that touchingly portray a broken childhood friendship
A member of the audience at “Voyeur” caught a glimpse of Susan Stout as a mourning mother in Kate Mueth’s production at the Parsons Blacksmith Shop in Springs. Patricia Fall

Southampton Historical Society at Whitefield, 155 Hill Street