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Local art news
“Montauk Beach,” a poster from about 1930, will be auctioned tomorrow at Swann Auction Gallery in New York City with an estimate of $12,000 to $18,000.
At the East Hampton Library
“We tried to make a film that was about the mystique and fairy tale of fly fishing.”
Eric Steel’s film “Kiss the Water” explores the life of the late Megan Boyd, who made fishing flies in a remote Scottish town. Morgan McGivern
“Kiss the Water” explores the mystique of the fly-carving craft and what makes a salmon take a fly.

“The Maid’s Room” engages a topical and inflammatory subject — immigration
Michael Walker, writer and director of “The Maid’s Room”
Paula Garces, left, who plays Drina, and Annabella Sciorra, her employer, Mrs. Crawford, in a scene from “The Maid’s Room”

Motherwell described his experience with collage as “making beautiful love for the very first time”
“Untitled,” from 1943, was one of Robert Motherwell's first collages and was created in Jackson Pollock's studio. Georges Poncet, Galerie Jaeger Bucher/Jeanne-Bucher
Robert Motherwell in his studio at 33 West 8th Street, New York, around 1945.Peter A. Juley and Son Collection, Smithsonian American Art Museum

A rich field of local, national, and international subjects, from short to feature length
“The Last Safari” follows a journalist back to East Africa, where she shares the photographs she took there with her subjects.

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