Local art news
“Solitude,” a photograph by John Todaro, will be on view with the prints of Annie Sessler in the show “East/West” at Ashawagh Hall in Springs.

“Red, Black & Silver” Cooper Square Press

One look at Joshua Hadar’s rendering of a willow welded in stainless steel piping prompts a sense of wonder
Josh Hadar working on his bike and tree sculptures in a studio in SoHo.
A birch tree from “The Grove,” an installation at the Intercontinental Hotel in Times Square.
The completed version of the willow in Springs.
A dedicated environmentalist, Josh Hadar uses solar power in some of his tree and bicycle works.

The exhibition is presented in two sections, one reflecting life “upstairs,” as lived by the gentry; the other, the environment of the servants “downstairs.”
An opera coat from 1918 and a vintage Victrola from “Downton Abbey Style in Southampton: 1900-1920.” Mark Segal
A lavender dress from around 1900 reflects the disappearance of the corset and bustle.

A local musical phenomenon
The guitarist Kerry Kearney, left, was so taken by Casey Baron and his cigar-box guitars that he asked the 13-year-old to open his next performance. Eric Fieldstadt

At the Bridgehampton Community House

An opening-night cocktail party will be held Nov. 29 at the Georgica home of Jack and LuAnn Grubman from 6 to 8

Local art news
A landscape painting by Kirsten Benfield will be included in the Ashawagh Hall show “Four Points of View” this weekend in Springs.

A detail from "Red, Black & Silver," which was described at a symposium in New York City on Friday as having been painted at Jackson Pollock's former residence. Cooper Square Press
Colette Loll Marvin revealing new evidence from her 20 year investigation into the authenticity of "Red, Black & Silver," a painting Ruth Kligman claimed was the last one Jackson Pollock painted in 1956. A photo of Kligman and Pollock together was projected in the background.Jennifer Landes

The variety show is the brainchild of John Landes, Joshua Perl, and Peter Zablotsky
John Landes, Joshua Perl, Molly McKenna, and J. Kelly Caldwell got wet on Sunday in the Wolffer Estate Vineyard’s fountain to highlight the theme of the “Water’s Edge Radio Hour.” Morgan McGivern