A series of lunchtime talks

Part of the company’s new mission is to ensure that the theater is seen as a year-round cultural center

FAPE is the leading nonprofit organization dedicated to donating works of American art to U.S. embassies

A minimalist approach, but a striking one
For Matt Kenny’s “Tower Commission,” the artist took trash bags, coated them with ink, and ran them through an etching press. The resulting prints were mounted on a wood panel painted with acrylic and sanded.
Adam Marnie’s “Recursions” installation consists of four panels of drywall with inkjet prints in red that have been carved into a geometric series.

Local art news
Laurie Anderson, Andrea Cote, and Maria Maciak enjoyed a lighter moment during a panel discussion on “Inspiration in the Arts” Saturday at the Pollock-Krasner House in Springs. Mark Segal

Other shows were “forgetting the person behind the craft.”
George Hirsch, left, inspected an apple tree with John Halsey of the Milk Pail stand at his orchard in Mecox.

By Will Schutt
Philip Schultz Monica Banks
A number of countries, periods, and designers are represented in the “Exteriors” show at LongHouse Reserve, such as the Fortune Cookie bench made out of quarters by Johnny Swing of Vermont, above, and the chairs and table from Landcraft Environments of Mattituck, below. Paul Aizaga Photos
The Lip Bench by Colin Selig of Walnut Creek, Calif., began its life as a propane tank.
Local craftsmen and designers such as Silas Marder, above, and Nico Yektai are also featured in the show. Paul Aizaga
The Emu Ivy seating was designed by Paola Navone in Italy and sold in America by Coalesse through Steelcase. Paul Aizaga
A most comfortable cocoon in shade or sun.Paul Aizaga
Chairs by Moroso incorporate their own shade and are woven in colorful fibers by craftsmen in Africa.LongHouse Reserve
The Outdoor Chaise lounge chair by Maximillian Eicke for Max ID uses bent teak and strong angles on a stainless steel base.LongHouse Reserve
A hammock by Jim Zivic doesn't compromise on luxury with shearling pillows and a suede mattress.LongHouse Reserve

At the Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor

At Birdland in Manhattan