Ron Delsener took in a painting with his daughter and grandson at Sotheby’s on Dec. 13. Sam Levitan

Melissa Errico
Melissa Errico took a break at Stony Hill Stables in Amagansett while her 5-year-old daughter was on horseback. Morgan McGivern

By Kurt Wenzel
Albert Watson
The Who Dat Loungers will help transform the Bay Street Theatre in Sag Harbor into a Mardi Gras set for a New Year’s Eve dance party.

Dennis Leri, a Springs artist
Dennis Leri, a Springs artist known for his large, abstract metal sculptures, said teaching has brought him to a more organic understanding of his own work. He has recently returned to his roots, leading an adult art workshop in figurative sculpture at the Golden Eagle.

The artist seeks the elusive moment in somewhat superficial settings
Walter Weissman
Walter Weissman has spent a lifetime taking photographs, including portraits of artists across the decades. Morgan McGivern

By James I. Lader
Warren H. Phillips and his wife, Barbara, in 1999. They run Bridge Works Publishing. Morton Hamburg

By Daniel Koontz
 Choral Society of the Hamptons’
Nils Neubert was one of the soloists at the Choral Society of the Hamptons’ standing-room-only performances on Sunday at the Bridgehampton Presbyterian Church. Durell Godfrey