Local art news
The Eastville Community Historical Society board celebrated the installation of a new quilt show on Saturday in Sag Harbor. From left, Kathy Tucker, Jackie Vaughan, Gloria Primm Brown, Michael Butler, Beryl Banks, Audrey Gaines, and Elinor Fendall stood in front of two quilts made by Patricia Turner, the curator of the show. Durell Godfrey
Walter Klausswill be the guest conductor of the Choral Society of the Hamptons’ upcoming spring concert
Walter Klauss, guest conductor of the Choral Society of the Hamptons’ upcoming spring concert, relaxed before rehearsal at the East Hampton Presbyterian Church. Durell Godfrey

The four-piece band has been building a following by performing across Long Island and in New York
The Montauk Project has been building a following through performances across Long Island and in New York City.

Ms. Keyes company, Keyes Art Projects, has offices in Sag Harbor and Williamsburg
Paintings by Walter Us, a Sag Harbor resident, were used in the decoration of the Beverly Hills Hotel.
Camille Perrottet’s pieces, created in East Hampton, ended up at the Ocean Club in the Bahamas.

At the Rogers Memorial Library in Southampton

at Guild Hall’s John Drew Theater

At the Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill

Local art news
“Cyclone Twist,” above, and “Hoop-La,” below, two of seven large painted aluminum and fiberglass sculptures by Alice Aycock, were recently installed on the Park Avenue median between 52nd and 66th Streets. Mark Segal

Mr. Burns merges the traditions of Islamic pattern with the all-over surfaces of Abstract Expressionism
Perry Burns in his East Hampton studio. Mark Segal

Larry Shue’s hilarious hit, which is all laughs from start to finish
Terence Brockbank, Diana Marbury, Krista Kurtzberg, Ben Schnickel, and Matthew Conlon star in the Hampton Theatre Company production of “The Foreigner.” Tom Kochie