It’s illusion for illusion’s sake, a mashup of Dali and Escher, and a lot of fun to look at in an altered state
Christian Little’s “Safe Sex” mixes stylized patterns with suggestively erotic forms.
Christian Little’s “Exhibitionists #5” is as blatant as the artist gets in spelling out his intentions.

Local Art News

Joseph Vecsey returns to host the All Star Comedy Show with the guest comics Dante Nero and Chris Clarke

Events at Guild Hall in East Hampton

An even mix of reading and music
Carlos Lama, right, will mix it up on the usual Almond Artists and Writers Dinner Tuesday.

“It’s more about what’s going on metaphysically and feeling good about each brushstroke you put down."
Aurilio Torres took a break from his studio in the woods outside his East Hampton house. Morgan McGivern
“K House, Spring Evening,” an East End beachscape.
“Rotors,” from his military-themed series
“Lord Nelson,” one of his many-masted wooden boats.
One of Aurelio Torres’s plein-air paintings in progress at Emma Rose Elliston Park in North Sea. Aurelio Torres

A sizable group show of paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, and photography
Walter Schwab’s photographs of a statuette of Jesus are moody and inquisitive. Jennifer Landes Photos
A painting by Stephanie Brody-Lederman and four works by Darlene Charneco make a stimulating grouping.

The academy honors notable figures in the performing, visual, and literary arts who are either part-time or full-time residents of the East End
Sarah Jessica Parker will be one of three honorees at Guild Hall's Academy of Arts dinner on March 8 in New York City.

At the Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor