By Jonathan Howe
Some of the featured artists at this year’s Choral Society of the Hamptons winter concert included, clockwise from left, Vilian Ivantchev on guitar, Margery Fitts on harp, and Christine Cadarette on piano and portative organ. Durell Godfrey
Mark Mangini, the choral society conductor, with members of the Pierson High School Choir in the background. Durell Godfrey
Opening on Sunday at Temple Adas Israel in Sag Harbor
At the request of Temple Adas Israel in Sag Harbor, Ann Chwatsky photographed May Kelman, the temple’s oldest member, on her 100th birthday. Ann Chwatsky
The octagonal shape of the Hanukkah quilt represents the eight days of the Festival of Lights. Ann Chwatsky

“Shouting Fire: Stories From the Edge of Free Speech,”
Martin and Liz Garbus taking questions on Saturday night Jennifer Landes

Art Basel Miami Beach, Art Miami, and more than 15 satellite art fairs
Natalie Edgar’s painting “On My Way,” from this year, will be on view at Mark Borghi’s Art Miami booth.

A 12-hour Facebook event
The producers of Guild Hall’s 12-Hour Live Stream event included its staff members, from left, Hannah-Faye Huizing, Kristen Curcie, Samantha Young, Jennifer Brondo, special guest Ivy Brondo, Casey Dalene, and Joe Brondo.
Kara Hoblin's chalk drawing that was created and then erased to reveal Andrea Grover's motto "let artists lead the way."Casey Dalene

Complex three-dimensional works of art
After a four-decade career in broadcasting, Bob Schwarz focuses on the sculptures that had previously occupied him during his downtime. Durell Godfrey
A detail of “Tycho” reveals the intricacy of Bob Schwarz’s work with monofilament. Gary Mamay
“Emerald City in Candyland”, left, is a mandala, which can be seen as an external representation of the universe or a guide for meditation. “Horatio Nelson Cruising Toward Famelhaut” appears to hover in space. Gary Mamay

At the Old Whalers Church

At the Southampton Cultural Center

At the Watermill Center

At St. Ann’s Episcopal Church