There are plenty of options to ring in the New Year on the South Fork
Ludmilla and Marcello Pimenta will perform the music of Brazil on Sunday afternoon at the Wolffer Estate Vineyard in Sagaponack.

A film about David Milarch by Christian Scheider and Tucker Marder
The filmmakers’ locations included the Inyo National Forest in California’s White Mountains, home of Methuselah, a bristlecone pine considered the oldest living tree on earth.

Organized by Ned Smyth and Coco Myers for Folioeast and installed at Malia Mills
Jonathan Morse’s “Hovering Gull, Long Wharf, Sag Harbor,” top, has a menacing aspect.
Tony Lattari’s “Tate and Richie King, King Farm, Sag Harbor,”
Laurie Lambrecht’s “Chairs Blue Roof,”
Tony Lattari’s “Henry Schwenck, Long Lane Farm, East Hampton,”
Lindsay Morris’s “Yellow,”

At the Southampton Arts Center
Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, J.F.K. Stadium in Philadelphia, taken September 25, 1981 ©Michael Halsband, 2017

At Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor

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The summer season at Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor will feature three plays steeped in political issues that are timely as well as timeless
Scott Schwartz promises a summer season with a political slant at Bay Street Theater, but one that will sometimes be subtly felt, as in the class divisions explored in “My Fair Lady,” performed at the theater in 2016. Lenny Stucker

David E. Rattray

The spring tour in Somerset and Devon will feature private visits to historic and contemporary gardens
Marking their company's one-year anniversary, two art world friends who live in Sag Harbor will lead a spring tour of historic sites and gardens in England.

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