Local Art News
A small untitled work by Ross Bleckner will be featured in the Fireplace Project's new show.

At the East Hampton residence of Hilary Knight

Classic and new at the same time
The three-story tower addressed the owner’s desire for a space with a great view that fit architecturally. A focal point of the facade, it is also the heart of the interior, with its dramatic central staircase rising from the basement to the owner’s office aerie. Durell Godfrey Photos
A small Bavarian table from 1880 is set against a hand-painted mural that covers two of the living room walls. Durell Godfrey Photos

A young bourgeois couple copes with infamy and flirts with infidelity, learning something about each other in the process
Sabrina Profitt and Marianna McClellan portray friends and neighbors in Stave Martin’s play “The Underpants,” which begins previews at Guild Hall next Thursday. Jennifer Landes

At the Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill
The HooDoo Loungers will perform at the Parrish Art Museum tomorrow.

At the Barnes Landing Meeting House

Local Art News
Jeff Schultz's "Eventide" will be displayed at Ashawagh Hall as part of the East End Photographers Group show opening Saturday.

“The Golden Age of Rock ’n’ Roll” portrays youthful expression in its sprawling, disparate emotion, exuberance, vulnerability, and power
“Jimi,” an acrylic painting by Adoni Astrinakis depicting the irrepressibly cool Jimi Hendrix, is a standout piece in “The Golden Age of Rock ’n’ Roll.”
Steve Joester’s “Sting” is being shown at the White Room Gallery.
A risqué portrait of Billy Idol, one of several by EJ Camp for Rolling Stone magazine, is featured in the exhibition.

Alejandro Saralegui, who took the helm of the Madoo Conservancy in Sagaponack has kept its spirit alive
Madoo has a revitalized mission under the guidance of Alejandro Saralegui, below, who has refined and modernized the vision of Robert Dash, above, the garden and arts center’s founder, who died in 2013. Durell Godfrey
A few of the many views of Madoo, now celebrating its 50th year of organic gardening.Jennifer Landes
The purple gazebo is one striking example of Robert Dash's ebullient use of color throughout his garden.Jennifer Landes
An interior view of the studio and exhibition spaceDurell Godfrey
A photograph of Robert Dash in 1972 indicates just how dramatically he transformed the landscape of his property. The bench is still there, now painted in orange and blue. John Reed
An aerial view of the property before it became Madoo.
Alejandro Saralegui demonstrating how they will train honeysuckle to grow up the dead iris junipers to give them a new purpose in the garden.Jennifer Landes
A view out to the garden from Madoo's new greenhouse.Jennifer Landes
The pond will soon have a new liner and the bridge will remain a quiet respite with colorful accents.Jennifer Landes
New trees and shrubs will continue to be trained into whimsical shapes and designs.Jennifer Landes

The centerpiece of this exhibition is “Lily Pond,” a 1965 work that interprets Claude Monet’s late experimentations with perception and visual space in marble
“Lily Pond,” a marble sculpture evocative of Monet’s late “Water Lilies” series, is installed overlooking Accabonac Harbor at the Pollock-Krasner House. Jennifer Landes Photos
“No Mood for a Walk” functions as full abstraction but is also highly suggestive.