The now four-year-old program has started to see some of its graduates join the ranks of published authors in the picture book, middle grade, and young adult literature markets
Emma Walton Hamilton founded the Children’s Literature Fellows program at Stony Brook Southampton with Patricia McCormick and Julie Sheehan four years ago.

At the Montauk Library

This particular screening of “Legs” was special
Jennifer Brooke, left, and Beatrice Alda filmed “Legs: A Big Issue in a Small Town” in Sag Harbor, where they live, to use the controversial Larry Rivers “Legs” sculpture as a vehicle to talk about larger issues. Randee Daddona

Denise Gale had an early encounter with abstract painting at a de Kooning show at the Kemper Art Museum, at the age of 10
Denise Gale’s studio opens onto her garden, which offers a tranquil escape from the chaos of her works-in-progress. Mark Segal
Since her spinal surgery, Ms. Gale has turned to diptychs, such as “Just Pink,” the parts of which can be moved more easily than large canvases.

A show that is by turns literal, figurative, abstract, and highly individualized
“Pond Edge 1,” by Kamilla Talbot, was painted this year.
From Matthew J. Vega’s “Dimorphism” series
“Heavens of Glory Now and Then” by Barbara Thomas

The conversation about pot was marooned between two varying points of view represented by “the U.S. government and High Times” on either side
Cannabis has earned a place in the pharmacopeia, and society, says the author Joe Dolce in “Brave New Weed.” Henny Garfunkel

A slate of new exhibitions will open at Guild Hall on Sunday with a special reception from 3 to 5 p.m.

An 11-song solo performance complete with the sounds of a campfire and crickets
Katherine C.H.E.’s new album offers 11 songs that evoke a simpler, carefree time.

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At Guild Hall