Events at Guild Hall
The John Drew Theater Lab will present a free staged reading of “Honor Killing,” a new play by Sarah Bierstock, on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.

Local art news

A surprisingly cohesive salon-style show
In one of the more characteristic Drawing Room installations within the salon setting, three pieces in the hallway are given some breathing room. They are a 19th-century drawing of a pear, an Adam Bartos photograph, and Donald Sultan’s “Dead Bird” drawing. Jenny Gormam

Joseph Vecsey promises a night of laughter
Joseph Vecsey will bring the laughs to Bay Street Theater with his “All Star Comedy Show” Saturday night. Michael Heller

Maziar Behrooz serves as the series’ moderator
The campus of the Women’s Opportunity Center in Kayonza, Rwanda, includes classrooms, offices, and a working farm. Elizabeth Felicella

Interactions among four mothers and four daughters who represent Everyman — or, in this case, Everywoman
Linda Aydinian and Rebecca Edana play one of the mother-and-bride pairs in “Mom, It’s MY Wedding!” at the Southampton Cultural Center. Michael Disher

Local art news

At Guild Hall

"We were lucky that at a point in our lives all this came together.”
Sarah and John Turnbull enjoyed a break in winter’s weather outside their house in Bridgehampton. Morgan McGivern
“Chaos”, left, is one of Sarah Turnbull’s ceramic “anemones.” Her structural pieces, right, are architectural in character. Gary Mamay Photos